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Gleam is a 3rd party rewards-and-competition app designed to help you grow your business. This integration is available for all Omnisend users and for Gleam users who use Pro plan and above.



Integrate Gleam with Omnisend and pass all the contact information collected by your Gleam Signup forms to Omnisend. Send Welcome emails to all customers collected by Gleam Signup forms through Omnisend. Use collected data to segment your customers and personalize your emails.

Setup process

1. Get the Gleam app on Shopify

2. Open the application and go to Store Settings > Integrations > turn on Omnisend > paste API key. We recommend you to enter a Tag: “source: gleam” so that you could identify the contacts that came to Omnisend from Gleam.

3. Then proceed to your Omnisend account and create an API key. To do this click on your brand name in the top right corner -> Store settings:

4. Click on the 'API keys' section:

5. Then click the 'Create API Key' button:

6. Enter the name of your API key, keep default settings and click 'Save':

7. Add 'Subscribe to a Newsletter' as one of the ways to enter your Gleam Competition.

8. Then click the 'Add email integration' and provide the Omnisend API key you've created. Also, we highly recommend adding the 'source: gleam' tag. So, you'll be able to identify the contacts that came to Omnisend from Gleam

That's it! Integration is enabled and every time a new customer will enter your Gleam competition his/her email address will be passed to Omnisend along with the tag that you've added.

What data is passed to Omnisend

If you want to pass some other fields except email addresses to Omnisend, you'll need to map them manually using Gleam's Custom Field Mapping feature.

Here's an example of how you can map your phone number, zip, and other default Omnisend properties. You just need to select the name of the label from your form to map it to the Omnisend field:

Then click Accept. Also, you can test by entering test contact details in the 'Send Test Contact' menu:

If you want to map some properties that don't have equivalent in Omnisend, you can map all of them using the 'custom properties' field in the Custom Field Mapping menu:

Keep in mind, the custom property name that is passed to Omnisend is the same as the name of the label in Gleam. That's why you can't use multiple words with a space between them. If you ask 'what's your favorite color', you need to add '_' between all the words. Otherwise, the custom property won't have the correct format and contact won't be passed at all.

Welcome email for Gleam subscribers

To send welcome emails to contacts passed from Gleam, you'll need to create a segment based on the 'source: gleam' tag.

Then create Welcome automation by going to Automation tab ➡️ New Workflow ➡️ Welcome. You can copy your Welcome automation if you already have one and would like to use the same workflow for Gleam subscribers.

Then switch the Signup trigger to Contact enters a segment. Set the segment that you've created on the first step, as a trigger filter.

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