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ONE+ is a 3rd party app that integrates 18 powerful conversion & marketing tactics in ONE app making the customer experience feel more genuine. Integrate ONE+ with Omnisend to sync the contacts that you collect using ONE+ Campaigns to Omnisend.

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Integrate ONE+ with Omnisend and pass all the contact information collected by your ONE+ Signup forms to Omnisend. Send Welcome emails to all customers collected by ONE+ Signup forms through Omnisend. Use collected data to segment your customers and personalize your emails.

Setup Process

Firstly create an Omnisend API key and select all the custom permissions. Learn how to create an API key in Omnisend here.

Then open your ONE+ app and proceed to the 'Integrations' tab. Find Omnisend app among other integrations and select it:

Paste your API key in the window that will appear:

On the next step, you'll need to connect your integration to one of the Campaigns that you have. If you don't have any, create a campaign in your ONE+ app first.

That's it! All contacts collected by the ONE+ campaign will be synced to your Omnisend Audience.

What data is passed

Contacts from the ONE+ app are synced with these properties:

Email address (subscribed)
Phone number (subscribed)
First name

Custom properties:
pf_award_value: discount code that is shared as a reward in your campaign (e.g. OFF10)

source: proof_factor
pf_campaign: Name of your campaign (e.g. my first campaign)
pf_award_source: Signup form that customer has used to signup (e.g. popup)

Contact passed by this integration will look like this in your Omnisend Audience:

Welcome emails for ONE+ subscribers

To send welcome emails to contacts passed from ONE+, you'll need to create a segment based on the 'source: proof_factor' tag.

Then create Welcome automation by going to Automation tab ➡️ New Workflow ➡️ Welcome. You can copy your Welcome automation if you already have one and would like to use the same workflow for ONE+ subscribers.

Then switch the Signup trigger to Contact enters a segment. Set the segment that you've created on the first step, as a trigger filter.

Also, you can add the ONE+ Campaign's discount code to your Welcome email automatically. Just add [[contact.custom_pf_award_value]] to your email content using the personalization feature.

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