Attentive is a 3rd party app that empowers the most innovative brands to create meaningful interactions through personalized text messaging. By integrating Attentive with Omnisend, you'll be able to sync your Attentive subscribers to your Omnisend audience.

Setup process

To integrate Attentive with Omnisend create the API key in Omnisend the following way:

Store settings ➡️ Integrations & API ➡️ API Keys ➡️ Create API Key

Then open your Attentive account and proceed to the Integrations tab. Search for Omnisend and select it:

Insert the API key that you've generated in your Omnisend account, enable all the toggles you want, and click the 'Set up integration' button:

Omnisend app will appear under the Your Apps section in the Integrations tab.

Once you'll collect a new email address and/or phone number, it'll be passed to Omnisend.

Welcome email to Attentive subscribers

Along with email address and phone number, Attentive passes a 'source: attentive' tag that you can use to identify Attentive subscribers. To send welcome emails to contacts passed from the Attentive app, you'll need to create a segment based on the 'source: attentive' tag.

Keep in mind, you need to pass at least 1 contact from Attentive to Omnisend in order for this tag to be created. So, we advise you to test the integration by filling out the Attentive form with your test email address, first.

Then create Welcome automation by going to Automation tab ➡️ New Workflow ➡️ Welcome. You can copy your Welcome automation if you already have one and would like to use the same workflow for the Attentive subscribers.

Then switch the Signup trigger to Contact enters a segment. Set the segment that you've created on the first step, as a trigger filter.

Edit the content that should be sent to the Attentive subscribers, if you want, and enable the automation. All contacts synced from the Attentive app will receive communication from your Welcome workflow.

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