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Customer Breakdown

Learn what's relevant for your customers

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Companies that understand their consumers can provide more personalized, relevant content, and that's what our customer breakdown is for. Once you are aware of your customer's preferences, you can predict their future demands and make marketing relevant.

You can find the overall stats of your business and customers' lifecycle stage map by navigating to your Audience tab β†’ Customer Breakdown.

You will be able to view data from the past 365 days, including the average order value, percentage of returning customers, and total customers.

Note! We remove so-called 'outliers' from the report when looking for average order value or average time between repeat orders; this makes our data and classification of customers more accurate.

For example, suppose the trending averaging order value for your store is around $100, and a customer places an order of $1000. In that case, it won't be taken into account when calculating the average order value.

In case you see an average number of days between the orders placed in your store, try to create a post-purchase order follow-up email with some incentive offer after this period of time to your customers.

You simply need to go to the Automations tab β†’ Create workflow β†’ pick Post-purchase type of flows and Order follow-up email:

Then you can use your average number of days between orders as a delay and offer a discount for a new order to drive more revenue:

Analyzing the breakdown report and applying the right marketing strategy will not only increase your opens but also improve your conversion rates without investing in new marketing solutions.

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