Customer Lifetime Value

Learn how long can you keep customers purchasing from you

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Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the overall value of a customer to a company over the course of a customer's journey. Growing the value of existing customers is a key marketing strategy because it costs less to keep your loyal customers than it does to acquire new ones.

To track an individual customer's potential, open their contact profile in Omnisend Audience and check Customer Lifetime Value data.

You can see the revenue metric, which shows how much revenue this customer has brought you. The order value reveals how many orders this client has placed, and the average order value shows the average amount this user has spent on each order that they have placed.

The predicted customer lifetime value pictures the customer's future revenue. This metric is calculated for each brand individually based on other customers' metrics. Please note that in order to see CLV statistics for a customer, they must have at least one order placed.

โ€‹Note! It's not possible to segment by CLV stats for now, but we have a plan to add such an option soon. As for now, you can use Lifecycle stage segmentation.


Is it possible to export CLV stats?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to export the CLV data yet.

Will my orders that have authorized, refunded, voided, or canceled payment statuses show up in the CLV report? No, only orders with paid and partially paid payment statuses are counted in the CLV report.

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