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Customer Lifecycle Marketing for Ecommerce
Customer Lifecycle Marketing for Ecommerce

See Who & Why You Need to Re-Engage with Customer Lifecycle Stages

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Customer lifecycle refers to the series of steps that a customer takes when considering, purchasing, using, and remaining loyal to a product or service, and it begins at the moment you capture the attention of a potential customer.

It is critical for businesses to manage and maintain the customer lifecycle in order to remain competitive in today's market. Understanding the customer lifecycle can assist your company in maximizing revenue for each potential and current customer.

Customer retention is critical for any ecommerce merchant looking to build a sustainable ecommerce business, where customers shop frequently and engage with your brand on a regular basis. Determining when and which customers should be re-engaged always used to be a question that required a significant amount of data calculations and manual work, not with Omnisend though!

With our Customer Breakdown by Lifecycle Stages, you can easily see who and why needs to be re-engaged, allowing you to focus your efforts on keeping your most valuable customers returning for more orders.

Omnisend dynamically assigns a lifecycle stage to each customer based on their historical shopping frequency, recency, and spend - for example, you'll know which shoppers have high repeat purchase potential, who needs a little extra nurturing, and who is your true champion. You can use these lifecycle stages as stand-alone filters for segment creation, or combine them with additional rules to further narrow your audience. From there, it's simple to prioritize developing unique reactivation campaigns and automations to keep your return customer share growing.

Here are all Omnisend features that can help you improve your customer lifecycle management and make your email marketing strategies relevant:

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