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Tresl Segments is a 3rd party app that activates the power of data collected within your Shopify store to increase repeat revenue through pre-built segmentation. Built exclusively for Shopify, it takes the data you already have and creates actionable insights for you to utilize.

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Setup Process

Go to the Integrations tab from the left menu bar and click 'Connect new' button:

Find Omnisend among the other integrations in the Email marketing section:

Next, the browser will prompt you to provide the API key. Please click the link "Omnisend API keys tab".

You'll be taken to your Omnisend account in order to create an API key:

Create an API key with all the permissions selected:

Once you click 'Save', a new API key will be generated. Copy it and paste it into the corresponding field to enable the Omnisend integration:

That's it! Omnisend will be available as a new provider to sync the segments from Tresl Segments. Go to the Segments -> All segments tab:

Then enable the auto-sync for all the segments you want (data will be synced once a day):

Alternatively, you can click 'Sync now' to sync the data from Tresl Segments right away. This button goes on a cooldown for 1 day after you click it.

What data is synced

If you enable the auto-sync, the data is synced once a day at midnight (12 am) based on your timezone set in your Shopify store settings.

If you decide to sync contacts manually, you're allowed to do this at any moment you want by clicking the 'Sync now' button. The sync takes up to an hour in this case. However, 'Sync now' button has one day cooldown.

All contacts in Omnisend are updated with [segments - your_brand_name] name_of_the_segment tag, if they belong to the segment that you've synced from Tresl Segments. If contact belongs to multiple segments in Tresl Segments, it'll receive multiple tags. Once the tags are synced, you can re-create segments in Omnisend using these tags:

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