Saving Items and Layouts

Learn how to save items and layouts for your future emails

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This feature allows you to save and use specific items or layouts you created in your future emails. When you design an item you want to use in several templates, you can save it and access it later when creating campaigns or automations.

You can build emails even more quickly by using saved items in your emails. There's no longer a need to start from scratch when making new customized templates.


Saving items

As soon as you finished editing your Item→ Select it→ click Save item on the right menu → Name your Item→ click Save:

Your saved item will appear under the Saved Items tab. It will automatically be available for use in other campaigns and automation workflows.

πŸ’‘ You are free to save as many items as you require; just make sure each one has a distinct name so you can quickly locate it.

Saving layouts

You can also save the layout that consists of a few items. For this select the layout β†’ click Save layout on the left menu β†’ Name your layout β†’ click Save:

Your saved layouts will appear under the Saved Layouts tab. It will automatically be available for use in other campaigns and automation workflows.

Please note that "Save layout" saves the layout of buttons, texts, or other elements' items, but not the colors. If you want to change the colors of borders, text, or background, simply go to the button settings and adjust them for your needs.

Managing saved items and layouts

It is possible to manage and override saved items and layouts. This means that the item or layout will be replaced with a new design. For this, once you click the Save icon β†’ Override a saved item/layout β†’ Choose the name β†’ Save.

⚠️ Please remember that saved items and layouts are not linked to templates. If you change a saved item that you have already used in another template, the changes will not be automatically applied to other templates to which this Item is added. Instead, you will need to make the changes yourself.

You can also quickly eliminate saved items or layouts you no longer need.

Go to the Saved tab β†’ locate the item you want to delete β†’ Delete.

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