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Copying a saved template
Copying a saved template

Learn how to copy your saved templates between your accounts

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You can now copy any templates you saved in your account between your multiple Omnisend accounts. This feature will save you a lot of time when you need the same template layout and design you created in one account to use in another.

Before you start

Copying a saved template feature is available for all users, no matter your pricing plan.

Copied saved templates will be available to use in both:

  • Campaigns wizard

  • Automation wizard

Follow the article to learn where to find it in your store settings.

Before you continue reading, we suggest learning about choosing a template with Omnisend, designing, and saving it!

Setup process

Step 1. You will find all your saved templates when you navigate to Store settings → Settings → Saved templates.

Step 2. On the Saved Templates page, you will see a list of all your saved templates; you will have options to copy, edit, preview, and delete a saved template.

Copy a saved template

To make a copy of a saved template in your account, follow the steps:

Step 1. For the template you wish to replicate, click Copy.

Step 2. Copy saved template confirmation box will open up. Here you can:

  • Rename the template as you wish.

  • If you wish to duplicate the saved template in the same account, leave the Destination account as is and hit Duplicate.

  • Pick the needed account from the list if you want to move it to a different account and hit Copy. You will find the copied template when you switch accounts.

A success message will inform you about successfully duplicating or copying your template.

Preview a saved template

You can Preview the saved template by dragging your pointer on the relevant template and hitting Preview. A preview window will open where you will see what your template looks like.

Delete a saved template

You have an option to delete the unwanted templates by clicking More -> Delete

Note that if you delete a template you copied or duplicated to another account in the same one, the original template will remain unchanged.

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