You can now copy any templates you saved in your account between the multiple Omnisend accounts that you have. This feature will save you a lot of time when you need the same template layout and design you created in one account to use in another account.

Note that this feature is not yet supported by the New Email Builder.

Before you start

Copying a saved template feature is available for all users, no matter what pricing plan you are on. Copying saved templates built in the New Email Editor isn't available yet.

Copied saved templates will be available to use in both:

  • Campaigns wizard

  • Automation wizard

Note, when you are creating a campaign or automation you are not able to edit or copy your saved template. You can only use copy and edit features in the Saved templates page! Follow the article to learn where to find it and how to use the mentioned features.

Before you continue to the setup process, read about choosing a template with Omnisend, designing, and saving it!

Setup process

You will find all your saved templates when you navigate to Store settings > Settings > Saved templates.

In the Saved templates page you will see a list of all your saved templates, you will have options to copy, edit, preview and delete a saved template.

Copy a saved template

To make a copy of a saved template in your account, follow the steps:

1. On the template you wish to replicate click the template's drop-down menu and choose Copy 

2. Copy saved template confirmation box will open up. Rename the template as you wish.
If you wish to duplicate the saved template in the same account, leave the Destination account as is and hit Duplicate

If you wish to copy the saved template to another of your accounts, choose a different Destination account from the drop-down menu and hit Copy. You will find the copied template when you switch the accounts.

A success message will inform you about the successful end of action to duplicate or copy your template.

Edit a saved template

When you click Edit on the template you wish to change you will be brought to the template editor, where you will be able to change the settings and adjust your template as you wish.

Preview a saved template

You can Preview the saved template by dragging your pointer on the relevant template and hitting Preview. 

A preview window will open up where you will see how your template looks like.

Delete a saved template

You have an option to delete the unwanted templates by clicking the Cross symbol. 

A box to confirm your action will pop up.

Note, if you edit/delete a template that you copied to another account or duplicated in the same one, the original template will remain unchanged.

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