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Lootly is a 3rd party app that offers number of tools to set up your store Loyalty program. Set up segmented marketing campaigns to target your most loyal customers or encourage low engagement customers to come back to your brand.



Create targeted email marketing campaigns in your Omnisend email marketing tool based on customers’ loyalty data like points balance, VIP membership or unique referral url.

Setup Process

To enable the Omnisend integration open your Lootly account first. Then proceed to the Integrations tab from the main menu in Lootly - > search for Omnisend - > click 'Connect':

You'll be redirected to the 'Omnisend Connection' page. Click 'Connect to Omnisend' button in the bottom right corner:

Omnisend will be connected to Lootly automatically. Click 'Save' first. Then click 'Enable' button and click 'Save' again:

That's it! Integration will be enabled.

Note! Historical data won't be passed automatically, but if you had contacts with loyalty data prior to enabling the integration, you can go to the Integrations tab - > Manage - > Sync Customers:

Then click 'Start Sync' button:

What Data is Passed

The integration will pass loyalty data into Omnisend whenever a customer's point balance changes or when the 'Start Sync' button is clicked. If someone earns/spends points, Lootly will send updated loyalty data to Omnisend.

Lootly will send the following data points:

  • Email address (subscribed status)

  • Custom properties:

  1. vip_tier;

  2. birthday (passed as custom property);

  3. point_balance;

  4. referral_url.

And also affiliate data (custom properties):

  • affiliate_email;

  • affiliate_name;

  • total_affiliate_orders;

  • total_affiliate_payouts;

  • affiliate_join_date.

Use cases

Automated Email About a Reward

Inform customers when they reach specific amount of points that is enough to get some reward. For example, if there's a reward that can be purchased for 500 loyalty points, create a segment for anyone who reaches a balance higher than 500:

Once the segment is created, create an automation workflow based on Contact enters a segment trigger, and select your segment as trigger filter.

You can create similar workflows when customers get a specific number of affiliate orders, join a specific VIP tier, etc. Feel free to experiment.

Sending Segmented Campaigns

When setting up new Campaign, you may create a separate version of the campaign for customers who belong to a specific VIP tier and share some special offers with them.

To do this create a segment of customers which belong to a specific tier. For example, our Lootly account has 'Golder Tier':

Then on the 'Recipients' step select the campaign with special offer to be sent to Golden Tier subscribers only:

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