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Learn how to integrate Loyalty&Rewards with your Omnisend account

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Updated over a week ago is a 3rd party app that will help you collect customer reviews from your happy customers, strengthen your brand, attract quality traffic and boost sales with strong social proof.'s integration with Omnisend allows you to create automation emails to target specific customer groups based on their recent Loyalty&Rewards events.


Before you begin

This article explains how to integrate Loyalty&Rewards with your Omnisend account. If you want to integrate Reviews&Ratings with your Omnisend account, check this article


Build a loyalty program using the app and sync your customers' loyalty profiles from the app in real-time. Send reminders to your customers whenever they hit a specific amount of points that is enough to get some reward. Also, use properties synced from to personalize your emails.

Setup process

  1. Head over to Omnisend dashboard and create an API key using the following guide:

  2. Navigate through's dashboard to the apps page and select Omnisend:

  3. Click on "Install App", you can then enter the generated API key under the Instructions header:

  4. Click "save", you can then choose to sync existing customers' data over to Omnisend by clicking on "Sync Customer Properties".

Contact's Custom Property Pushed to Omnisend

Custom Property will be created and triggered from to Omnisend after the button "Sync Customer Properties" on Dashboard is clicked.

The following Contact's custom properties will be created and will be updated in real-time:

  • stamped_rewards_points - your customer's latest point balance

  • stamped_referral_link - referral link that they can use to refer your store to their friend.

  • stamped_rewards_created_date - the exact date when a customer has joined your rewards program

  • stamped_account_confirmed - yes/no value based on whether the account has been confirmed in app or not

  • stamped_rewards_vip_tier - customer current VIP Tier.


Reminder email to Loyalty & Rewards customers to shop and spend their points if they have not purchased in 6 months, with the customer's current points pulled into the email:

  1. Create a segment for Loyalty & Rewards customers who have not shopped in your store for the last 6 months and have enough points to get some reward.
    Please see the below segment filter as an example:

    Note! Use the number of points that is enough to get at least 1 reward.

  2. Create a flow with the segment created above:

  3. Add an email, SMS, or Push notification block to your automation;

  4. Use the customer properties [[contact.custom_properties.stamped_rewards_points]] in the email to dynamically update and display the point that your customer has;

  5. Here's how the workflow would look like:

For any questions or assistance, simply reach out to the team via [email protected] or click on the message icon on the bottom right corner to connect with their support team.

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