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EComposer is a 3rd party that allows you to easily build your store on your own

terms – saving money, time, and a bunch of stress. With EComposer page builder, you can create:

  • Landing Pages

  • Home Pages

  • Product Pages

  • Collection Pages

  • Standard Pages (such as About Us, Contact, FAQs...)

  • Blog Pages

  • Article Pages

  • Sections Builder

  • Footer Builder



Integrate EComposer with Omnisend to use Omnisend embedded forms in the EComposer Page builder.

Setup Process

To integrate Omnisend with EComposer, go to your EComposer account. Then proceed to the page where you want to embed Omnisend form(s). If you don't have any pages created in EComposer yet, you can simply click the 'Start building' button in the top right corner.

Then you'll need to pick what type of page you'll be designing and pick one of the templates. Once you land in the Page Editor, click on the Puzzle widget as shown on the screenshot:

You'll be redirected to the Extensions Library. Search for Omnisend and click the 'Install now' button:

That's it! Omnisend app will be added to other elements that can be used to build your pages in EComposer.

Using Omnisend Extension in EComposer Builder

To use Omnisend Extension in EComposer, you'll need to create an Embedded form in Omnisend first. Once you've designed an Embedded form, enable it and copy the code as shown on the screenshot below:

Then go back to EComposer Page editor Elements menu -> Extensions -> Select Omnisend among other installed Extensions (if you have any) and drag it where you want the Omnisend form to be located:

Paste the code copied from Omnisend into a corresponding field on the right:

That's it! Omnisend form will be added to your page.

Note! Omnisend element only works on live pages. So, if you want to check how it looks, you'll need to click 'Preview' button:

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