Embedded forms appear consistently on certain pages of your website, which makes subscribers collection easy and seamless. By embedding a form on any page of your website, you can expand your reach, build your contact list, and get new subscribers added directly to your Omnisend audience.

In this article, you'll learn how to add an embedded form to your site and how to use it to boost your email marketing strategy.


Before you begin

Setup process

Embedding the form

Working with subscribers

Before you begin

  • An embedded form is a way to display your sign-up form as part of your website.

  • You will need to copy short HTML code and add it to your website theme code.

  • If you already have a footer form on your website, you don't need to create another embedded form in Omnisend. Contacts that come through your theme form will be synced to your Omnisend audience automatically.

  • This feature is still in beta mode.

Setup process

To create an embedded form, navigate to Forms and click Create form.

In the Forms Library, select Embedded Style forms → Select Simple email capture form → click Use template.

You will be able to customize the form by accessing form settings on the right-hand sidebar.

For Button settings, you will be able to change Button text, color, border color and font color. This step is pretty straightforward, so feel free to play around to match your brand's color scheme.

To access more color options, click on + sign. There you will be able to type in hex color code as well as select any color you like using color picker.

For Input field settings, you will be able to change the Placeholder text, input border, input background, input and placeholder colors. Like with button, you can pick any colors you like.

Please note! You won't be able to select font, as it will automatically match your website font.

Lastly, you can set up Messages that will be shown after successful and unsuccessful sign up. You can preview them by clicking Success/ Error preview just above your Form preview.

That's it! Your form is ready to be embedded, read further to learn how to embed it to your website.

Embedding the form

Once you have customized your form, you need to copy the code provided and launch the form.

Once you copied the code, you need to open your theme HTML file and paste the code to the part of the page you want your form to be displayed at.

Integrating with Shopify

1. Navigate to your Shopify admin → click Online Store → Themes → Customize.

2. Click Add Section → Custom Liquid.

3. Paste the embed code → Click Save, then see the changes. Your form is live now.

Quick tip! Experiment with section placement until you put it where you like 💡

Working with subscribers

Each customer that uses your embedded form will be immediately added with subscribed status to your Audience.

All contacts that used the embedded form will also get a tag assigned to them. You can check tags while setting up the form. Please note that tags are default and cannot be changed.

As a result of subscription, your customers will get 3 tags, 2 default tags assigned to embedded form and 1 default tag associated with sign up - source:sign up form.

Those tags can be used for segmentation, in case you want to send a campaign or automation to a specific segment of customers.

Note! 🚀 Your default welcome automation will be triggered for customers that used the embedded form automatically. You don't need to set up a separate welcome automation for them.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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