What's new - November 2022

Learn what new features and improvements were introduced in November

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Here at Omnisend, our Teams develop the product regularly, and new features and improvements are released weekly.

In this article, you will find essential information related to the recent releases that will help you optimize your marketing with Omnisend even more!


  • Classic Email Builder Customers: We’re saying goodbye to the classic Email Builder on January 31, 2023. Try the new, improved Email Builder today to create better campaigns and automations.

  • Classic Forms Builder: On February 28, 2023, we’re saying goodbye to the classic Form Builder. Use the new, improved Form Builder today to quickly transfer existing forms and create beautiful ones.

  • Customer Support - We’re helping answer your questions through:

- In-app live chat: Just click on the chat icon on the bottom-left of your screen, and we’ll respond in under 3 minutes.

- Email: If you want, you can email us your questions, and we’ll get back to you soon with a comprehensive answer.

- Help Center: We regularly update our Help Center with valuable articles to show you how to use a new feature or solve a common issue.

- Academy: Our Academy was established to help Omnisend clients, at any stage, get more out of their email marketing

Omnisend Academy

Omnisend vs. Klaviyo pricing explained. Sometimes email marketing providers raise their prices to confuse customers that the higher price means that they are providing more value to their customers. That's very often not the case. In this video, we will go over the most recent Klaviyo pricing increase and discuss what that means to you as a customer and why you are better off by going with Omnisend.

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Omnichannel Marketing vs. Multichannel Marketing: What's the Difference? We don't want to spoil anything more than that in our description, so you'll have to watch the video. We, however, promise you that it will be well worth it! You will understand the difference between multichannel and omnichannel and also know which would be best for your business.

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3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List. Short on ideas on how to grow that email list? Please don't worry anymore. Gabe will take you on a 3-minute journey during which you'll learn three ways to level up your email collection game. Want to learn what those are? You already know what you need to do!

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Email Builder

  • Edit the menu item in a few clicks. You need to click on the section you want to change → change the name → change the link. You can also add additional sections using Add new item button on the right side menu.

  • Paddings for items. You no longer need to look into that emptiness of space in your emails; now, you can control padding for any item (except Image and Video) you want.

  • Align all product image sizes with just one click. Also, if you want to remove paddings from product images - remove them from one, and the change will be applied to all products in the product listing!

  • Edit font size and font family. By selecting specific text inside a text item, you can change its font family and size on the right-side panel.

  • New layout option called Side-by-side for Product listing items. By selecting a side-by-side layout for any Product listing block (Abandoned products, Product recommender, and Back in stock), the product image will be on the left side of other product details.

Form Builder

  • Schedule your signup forms. Long-term projects require careful planning of time and resources. Building promotional holiday signup forms or running time-sensitive sales or events can benefit significantly from the well-planned scheduling of your signup forms. In Form Builder, go to → Behaviour settings Scheduling. Choose when to start showing the form and when to turn it off. The options include: always showing the form, selecting a start date, selecting an end date, and selecting start and end days.

  • More templates! Four new templates are now available for landing pages on the New Form Builder. One of them will match your brand style. Check them out here.

  • Start your Christmas marketing preparation with our warm and cozy templates for the upcoming Christmas holidays. Find them here 🎄🎅.

  • Set up the auto-redirect in the Success or Subscribed section. You can now set the auto-redirect in your landing page so that the visitor is automatically redirected to the desired page after subscribing. You can redirect them to your store or any other link.

  • Embedded forms can now be built in Form Builder. Collect email and customer-related information such as birth date, phone number, or custom data. Add the wheel of fortune into the embedded form to make it gamified.

  • Back in Stock forms can now be built in Form Builder. It can be a popup or an embedded form. You can target it for only a specific out-of-stock product page and customize it to the full extent of the builder's capabilities.

  • Items padding management is available for all items in the form. This allows you to adjust the spaces between two items and decrease the height of the form.

  • Easily migrate your landing pages, embedded and back-in-stock forms, to the New Form Builder with the "Open in The New Builder" button. Click the button, adjust the form if needed, and turn on your form. Also, do not forget to disable the old form and change the link of the landing page or snippet of the embedded form if you have it posted somewhere.

  • New Item. The radio button Item can be found in the left side panel, and you can easily drag&drop it anywhere in the form. Radio buttons can be mapped to gender and custom property. You can start collecting your customers' gender or any other custom data with this Item. If you select Custom Property type, you can choose existing custom properties or create a new one by simply typing its name.


  • Event-based Live View. The data shown in the Live View can be filtered based on the different events. You can filter results by any event type you want. You can go one step further and get information about the exact action performed by the customer.


New features have been added to the warm-up plan procedure. From now you will be able to:

  • see at what point of the warm-up plan contacts in segments start to overlap - meaning new campaign content has to be created for the next step.


  • Convertflow. Create, test, and personalize popups, multi-step forms, quizzes, product recommendations, landing pages, and more; all collected information can be stored in Omnisend without extra charge.
    This app is in our App Store; Read more in the dedicated guide;

  • Viewed. Personalized video in email. Play a video in the email that works with all email clients.

    This app is in our App Store; Read more in the dedicated guide;

  • Klaviyo Data Import Tool. Now you can start using Omnisend immediately - migrate your Klaviyo contacts hassle-free. Built-in integration means you can start using Omnisend immediately — your Klaviyo contacts are in place and ready to go. Enjoy Omnisend's powerful, ecommerce-focused automation and personalization tools without having to start all over again or spend days manually importing contacts. Save cost and time by migrating from Klaviyo - you can get your omnichannel marketing strategies up and running in no time!

    This app is in our App Store; Read more in the dedicated guide;

  • Vitals. All vital features in a single, fully integrated Shopify app. Integration focuses on Product Reviews and sync data; if you get more interest in syncing other app data - Vitals are ready to update the integration.

    This app is in our App Store; Read more in the dedicated guide;

  • Nosto. Commerce Experience Platform to increase online revenue. Create shopping experiences today that win customers for life.

    This app is in our App Store; Read more in the dedicated guide;

  • Ecwid. Ecwid by Lightspeed is an ecommerce platform that helps you to easily create a bold, easy-to-use online store and start selling anywhere—online or in-person. To be released if requested. Notify when available.

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