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Tracktor adds professional-grade order status & package tracking that's integrated with all of the major carriers. This gives both you and your customers incredible visibility into the status and location of the packages that are in transit.

Tracktor Order Tracking - Real time package tracking and ...

Adding Tracktor tracking link to your Omnisend emails

You can add a Tracktor tracking link to your Omnisend emails in the workflows based on Order Placed or Order Status Changed triggers.

Our recommendation is to add this link to your Shipping Confirmation workflow email.

So, firstly, go to the Automations tab -> New Workflow.

Then select Shipping Confirmation workflow among other templates. If you have a Shipping Confirmation workflow already, just open it.

Open the email content editor:

Then add or customize the existing button block to have 'Track your order' text. Also, set this button link to [[]]/apps/tracktor/track?order=[[order.order_number]]&email=[[]]

That's it! You can enable the workflow now if it hasn't been enabled yet. This 'Track your order' button in your Shipping Confirmation email will redirect your customers to the Tracktor order tracking page associated with their order.

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