ShipStation is a 3rd party app that will help you make importing, managing, & shipping your customers' orders efficient. 

When you integrate Omnisend and ShipStation together, you will be able to reach the right customers with the personalized content based on the shipping information that ShipStation tracks.


Before you start

Currently this integration is available for our Standard, Pro and Enterprise plan users.

Setup process

Here is how you can integrate ShipStation with Omnisend:

1. Go to Store settings in your Profile menu > click Connected Apps and click Connect new App

2.  Find ShipStation on the list and click Connect

3. To connect with ShipStation, enter your unique ShipStation API Key and API Secret and click Connect

That’s it! A custom event in Omnisend App is created and will be triggered as soon as the order is shipped via ShipStation.

How it works

Once ShipStation app is connected, Omnisend will trigger the following event:

ShipStation Order Shipped - event will be triggered for the email address associated with that particular order in ShipStation, once the package is shipped.

Event properties:

  1. Recipient Name - name of the person receiving the shipment.
  2. Recipient Address - address where the shipment will be delivered to.
  3. Tracking Number - shipment tracking number.
  4. Carrier Name - name of the carrier delivering the shipment, i.e. FedEx.
  5. Shipping Service - shipping service option assigned to shipment, i.e. FedEx Standard Overnight.
  6. Ship Date - the date when the shipment was shipped.

Use case:

You can create and send custom workflow emails with automation using custom event “ShipStation Order Shipped” as a trigger with detailed and personalized information about your customers' shipped orders.

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