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Viewed is a 3rd party app that allows you to capture your customer’s attention and stand out from your competitors by playing videos in email.

Setup Process

To integrate Viewed with Omnisend, go to your Viewed account first. If you don't have any videos, you should create a video first and proceed to the Share Video tab - > select 'Send with Omnisend' option - > HTML code will be copied to your clipboard automatically.

If you have a Video created already, then click the 'Share Video' button - > select 'Share with Omnisend' option, and the code will be copied automatically to your clipboard.

Once the code is copied to your clipboard, proceed to Omnisend and open the email where you want to embed this video. Add an HTML block to it:

Then paste the HTML code that you've copied from Viewed into the HTML block:

That's it! You're ready to send this email out.

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