is an all-in-one email design platform designed to enable users to build emails of any complexity really fast. The solution includes 900 ready-to-use templates, plus the ability to save and reuse email modules across multiple campaigns. Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2



Setup Process



Integrate Stripo with Omnisend and use Stripo templates for your Omnisend emails.

Setup Process

Firstly, add an HTML block to your Email in Omnisend:

Then open your account and either open one of the existing Email Messages or create a new Email Message:

Then create a new template or pick on of the existing ones. Filtering by Type, Season, Feature, Industry will help you to pick the template, if you'll decide to select one of the prepared ones:

On the next step finish the design of your email using the email editor features. Once you're done with the designing, you'll need to export the HTML code of your template. To do this click 'Export' button:

Then select the 'HTML' option:

Select 'HTML Code' option, as this is the one needed to use in our HTML block that we've added on the first step of this guide. Also, keep 'Support of Accessibility' toggle enabled (it's enabled by default). As for the other 2 toggles ('Set both sizes for all images in exported code' and 'Minimize HTML'), they aren't required for Omnisend, as our system takes care of this automatically. Finally, click 'Show HTML code':

HTML code will be generated. Click the 'copy to clipboard' button:

Then go back to your Omnisend email editor, where you've added the HTML block and paste this code:

That's it! If you'd like to use another Email template created in app, repeat the steps from the very beginning.


Is it possible to use Omnisend email editor blocks together with HTML code? Yes, just add any block you want above/below the HTML code.

Can I use HTML code in automation email? Yes, you can use exported HTML code from in both email campaigns and automation emails.

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