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Learn how to integrate Nosto with your Omnisend account

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Nosto 3rd party app email personalization widgets allow you to promote the right products to the right audience in your campaigns or automated emails on Omnisend. Nosto tracks visitors on your store and recommends products to them. These recommendations can be embedded in an email using the "Email Widget" feature.

This tutorial walks you through the setup process of your first email widget and shows how to use it on Omnisend.

Nosto integration is available for all Omnisend users on all the pricing plans.

Setup process

Setup on your Nosto account

The first thing you will need to do is to have everything set up properly on your Nosto account. 

  1. Open your Nosto account. Choose Emails > Email widgets from the main menu. Then click Create a New Email Widget.

2. Choose your campaign type and go to the next step. Then find Omnisend among other integrations. Move to the next step after you're done. 

3. On the Overview step put [[]] as your Email variable name. It is very important that you have it added correctly, as otherwise, your code snippet will not work properly on Omnisend.

4. Copy your code to the clipboard. 

Your setup on the Nosto account is done. If you want some visual guidance, Nosto provides tutorial videos for this setup: 

Setup process on Omnisend

Once you have your code snippet copied, half of the job is done. Here's what you need to do on your Omnisend account.

  1. Go to your preferred email campaign or automation workflow (Content step).

  2. Drag and drop the HTML content block to the email. You can place it anywhere you like and you can have multiple Nosto content blocks on one email. 

  3. Click on it and paste the earlier copied code snippet. Once again, make sure your Email variable name is set as [[]]. This is essential to make sure your integration works properly.

  4. Save the content block.

Once you're done with these steps, your integration is done. If you decide to add more HTML blocks with Nosto HTML code to this or other emails, simply go through these steps once again.

If you decide to have more than one HTML content block with Nosto HTML on the same email, keep in mind that they will show the same items if the same setting is preserved. If you use multiple Nosto content blocks with different code snippets (and different rule sets chosen on Nosto) on the same email, then they will have different products on them.

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