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Integration with Argoid Product Recommendations
Integration with Argoid Product Recommendations
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Argoid enables Amazon-like AI-driven product recommendation and Google-like contextual and personalization product search for E-commerce brands.

Merchants using Argoid have seen a 20%-30% uplift in on-site conversions within the first month of onboarding, a 480% uplift in Email conversions, and a 30% reduction in bounce rates.

Integrate Argoid with Omnisend and display Argoid product recommendations in your Omnisend email.

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Setup Process

Open your Argoid account and proceed to the Email Recommendations tab and edit the settings of the Recommendation you want to set up. You can see the preview of the Recommendation set up by you on the right. Once you're satisfied with the outcome, click 'Copy HTML' button:

Then proceed to your Omnisend account and open the email you want to add the Argoid Product Recommendations block to. Drag the HTML block to the desired position in the email content where you want recommended products to be displayed.

Paste the HTML code into the HTML section in the menu on the right:

That's it! You can send the email now.

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