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Step 4. Building Your SMS Subscriber List
Step 4. Building Your SMS Subscriber List
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This guide will take you through the process of collecting Email and SMS subscribers, ensuring you obtain proper consent and build a valid subscriber list for your marketing.

Option 1: Collect SMS Opt-In via Omnisend Signup Forms

1. Access Omnisend Signup Forms. Log in to your Omnisend account and navigate to the Forms section. Explore the different types of signup forms available.

2. Enable SMS Opt-in and Consent Collection. Choose the signup form that best fits your needs, whether a popup, embedded form, or other formats. Ensure you turn on consent collection specifically for the SMS channel within the form settings.

Option 2. Encourage Opt-Ins Through the Subscriber Preference Center or Landing Page Form

1. Prompt Existing Email Customers. Encourage your existing customers to update their preferences, including SMS opt-ins. This can be done through a well-designed Subscriber Preference Center.

2. Create a Landing Page Form. Build a landing page form that allows new subscribers to opt-in for SMS communication. Make sure to include fields for collecting essential information, such as their phone number and email address, to assign the phone number to that customer profile.

3. Guide Customers. Use your existing marketing channels, such as emails, social media, and website banners, to guide customers to this landing page form. Highlight the benefits of subscribing to your SMS communications.

Option 3. Implement Checkout Opt-In for Shopify Stores

1. Access Shopify Checkout Settings. If you're using Shopify, access the checkout settings in your store's admin dashboard.

2. Enable SMS Opt-In. Look for the option that allows customers to opt-in for SMS communication during the checkout process. This step ensures that customers know the SMS communication and can choose to subscribe.

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Option 4. Use the Text to Join Feature

1. Obtain a Phone Number. In your Omnisend Forms tab, you'll find a free phone number for your store. This number will be essential for the text to join feature. Please note only US/CA customers can use the text-to-join feature.

2. Use the Keyword. The default keyword for initiating the opt-in process is "JOIN." Customers will text this keyword to your provided phone number to subscribe.

3. Promote the Keyword. Use various marketing channels to promote the keyword "JOIN." Consider email campaigns, social media posts, and other creative methods to encourage customers to join your SMS subscriber list.

Option 5. Encourage Opt-Ins Through Various Channels

1. Email Campaigns and Automations. Incorporate the keyword "JOIN" into your email campaigns and transactional emails. For example, include it in your order confirmation emails.

2. Social Media Promotion. Utilize your social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, to promote the opt-in keyword. Include the keyword in your bio, posts, and even in paid social ads.

3. Creative Methods. Explore imaginative ways to promote the "JOIN" keyword. Consider using website banners, email signatures, and even product packaging to encourage opt-ins.

Notify Customers About Successful Opt-In via Text to Join

1. Create a Segment. Within your Omnisend platform, create a segment specifically for customers who have subscribed via the text-to-join feature. This segment will help you manage and communicate with these subscribers.

2. Set Up Automation. Create an automation workflow triggered when a contact enters the segment you created in the previous step. This workflow will handle sending automated SMS replies.

3. Customize the Auto-Reply Message. Within the automation workflow, add an SMS block and customize the auto-reply message that customers will receive after subscribing. Ensure this message includes any promised discounts and relevant information.

4. Add a Delay. It's a good practice to add a short delay (e.g., 1 minute) before the automation sends the auto-reply message. This allows time for the contact to enter the segment.

Encourage SMS Subscribers to Join the Email Channel

1. Create a Landing Page Form. Design a landing page form that includes email and phone numbers fields. This form will help you connect subscribers' email addresses to their phone numbers.

2. Customize the Form. Ensure that the landing page form represents your brand and clearly explains the benefits of subscribing to both SMS and email communications.

3. Copy the Form Link. Once the landing page form is ready, copy the link to the form. This link will be used to direct customers to the form.

4. Include the Link in Auto-Reply SMS. In your text to join automation, add the link to your landing page form in the auto-reply message. Encourage subscribers to also subscribe to your email communications.

Tip πŸ’‘ Ensure TCPA Compliance πŸ’‘

1. Familiarize Yourself with TCPA. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is crucial when working with SMS marketing. Understand its requirements to ensure compliance.

2. Include Clear Compliance Text. Whenever promoting the opt-in keyword, ensure that your messages clearly and conspicuously disclose that customers are opting into marketing/promotional SMS messages from your store.

3. Explain Message Types. Clearly explain the type of messages customers are opting in to receive. If they opt in for order confirmations, ensure you only send that type of message.

4. Utilize Approved Compliance Language. Use the provided TCPA-approved compliance text in your promotional messages. This text is designed to inform customers about their opt-in and the associated terms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which countries can use text to join?

    Currently, only US/CA customers can use the text-to-join feature.

  • How can I find customers who subscribed using text to join?

Filter your audience by the Tag "source: sms join."

  • If a customer sends more than the keyword "join," will they be subscribed?

    Yes, as long as the message contains the word "join."

  • If I already have the customer's email and they text "join," will this information be mapped together?

    No, separate SMS subscriber contacts will be created.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you'll be well-equipped to collect SMS subscribers effectively while maintaining compliance and optimizing your subscriber list for successful SMS marketing campaigns.

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