Sometimes you might want to change email preferences or update a profile for an existing subscriber to include them in more deals you have to offer. For example, if you have an email preference group, such as promotions for dog versus cat products, your subscribers may want to update their mailing subscriptions if they get another pet. Or you might want to collect additional information about your subscriber profile to be able to send more targeted content to them.

Give your customers an option to manage their preferences by adding a Preference management page to your email campaigns and promotional automated messages. In this article, we will show how to set up a Preference management page and how to add it to the promotional messages you send out.


Before you start
Setup your Preference management page
Include Preference management page

Before you start

  • The preference management page is not limited to any Omnisend plan, and all users can set it up for their email promotions.

  • Edit preference link can be added to the footer as one of the standard options and also linked to the text or a button. Transaction related emails, such as Order, Shipping Confirmation, etc. cannot have this link.

Setup your Preference management page

1. To set up your Preference management page, go to Store settings on your Profile menu -> Settings -> click Preference management page:

2. You will then be redirected to the Preference management page editor, where you can add more fields to include in your preference page.

3. Add the fields you wish your customers to update, such as what kind of product category they are shopping for; more contact details, i.e., phone number field so you could start sending SMS messages to them; a possibility to update the communication channel they prefer, and more:

4. Once you are happy with the Preference management page setup, click Update & Save button:

You have just set up your Preference management page, continue to the next paragraph to learn how to share it with your customers.

Note! Preference Center and unsubscribe link clicks are not attributed to click count of the email.

Include Preference management page

You can add the link to the Preference Management page to both Campaigns and Automations and even to different channels (Email, SMS, and Push Notification). The link can be added to the footer of the Email or the body of the message, using the Personalization menu.

By default, the link to the Preference Management page is hidden. If you wish to show it in your Emails, you should remove the check-mark from the Hide edit preference link in email checkbox. Once you do that, "Edit my preferences" link will be added to the content of the message.

You can click on the here option to change the design of the Preference Management page; another option is available in the Store Settings.

You can also add the link to the Preference Management page anywhere in the body of the Email, SMS or Push Notification, using the Personalization menu option. The link can be added anywhere in the content of the message or to the Button content block.

Note! You won't see this item on the menu for Transactional messages.


You can ask your customers how frequently they want to hear from you.

It is recommended to start the conversation with your contacts by asking them to share their preference, leave feedback, etc. Among other options, you may also ask your contacts how frequently they want to hear from you? Is it a couple of times per week or once a month?

The complete set-up will consist of the following stages:

  • Collecting your contacts' preferences;

  • Segmenting your contacts based on the collected data.

Go to subscriber Preference page: Store Settings -> Settings -> Preference management page or in the Newsletter editor.

Segmenting your contacts based on the collected data

After you start collecting your contacts' properties, you can use them to Segment your contacts based on the value they choose. To account for your contacts preference, you will need to create different Segments for each of the property values, plus one for those that didn't update their preference.

Once you create the Segments based on the values assigned to the Frequency property, you may start scheduling your Campaigns accordingly.

You can use the Preference page in your own way. For example, collect subscribers' preferences regarding the content they want to hear.

Sending promotions to segments is a great way for your customers to connect with your brand, as it can help your subscribers choose what they want to receive based on their preferences and personal interests. Create segments to divide your contacts into groups according to their interests, consumption habits, email preferences, and more, and send your messages tailored to the information you collected about your customers.

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