With Omnisend SMS channel you can reach your customers on the go by sending automated text messages, promotions and campaigns. This article explains how you can communicate with your customers via text messages today.

Before you start

SMS channel is already integrated into Omnisend campaigns and automation flows and in order to use it you need to collect your subscribers' phone numbers via the newsletter sign up. Learn more about the set up process in our SMS in Automation article. 

It is important to note, that to be able to use SMS messages in campaigns or automation emails you need to add Ad Credits to your account. You can purchase Ad Credits if you are a Standard, Pro or Enterprise plan. To discover more about pricing, read the Pricing and Billing section.

A standard SMS can contain up to 160 characters, depending on the symbols used. Check the table below to see how special characters in your message, such as using different alphabet, can affect the number of SMS you are charged for:

Types of SMS messages available

As well as with Emails Channel, you can send SMS messages on the following occasions:

  • SMS Campaign. Use the link for a detailed description on how to use SMS in Campaigns and SMS Campaign for Non-openers
  • Welcome message
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Product Abandonment
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Order Confirmation
  • Cross-Sell
  • Order Follow-up
  • Cancellation Confirmation
  • Customer Reactivation
  • Birthday message
  • Customer Feedback
  • Custom message
  • Shipping Confirmation

Benefiting from SMS marketing

SMS channel helps you communicate with your customers in the format they respond to the most and offer the possibility to receive promotions and order information directly through SMS.

You can use SMS channel solely to deliver critical and time-sensitive messages at every step of the customer journey, but when you combine it with email or other channels it helps you reach even more audience! Using more marketing channels to get your message to the right people helps you achieve better open and click rates, thus get more sales.

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