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Features: Wix Stores
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Omnisend for Wix is an integration that allows you to connect your Wix website to your Omnisend account. It enables you to use the data from your website which unlocks order-based automations, order segmentation, and list growth.

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Data Synchronization

After you successfully integrate Omnisend with Wix, the synchronization process initiates, allowing Omnisend to gather essential data from your store. The synchronized information encompasses your contact details.

The synchronization time is contingent on the number of contacts in your database. The more contacts you have, the longer the sync process may take.

It's important to note that, as of now, order history data is not part of the synchronized information. However, we understand the significance of this data for automation workflows, and we're actively working on incorporating it.

The data synchronization occurs from Wix to Omnisend. This ensures that your Omnisend account stays updated with the latest information from your Wix store.

Automation Workflows

Omnisend empowers you with dynamic automation workflows to streamline your marketing efforts. Below are some key automation events supported for the Wix platform.

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