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Integration with Social Boost by Apps Mav
Integration with Social Boost by Apps Mav
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With Social Boost, you can run giveaways, contests, refer a friend, instant win, and post-purchase campaigns to boost sales, followers, shares, viral traffic, email Lists, referrals, engagement, and more.

Before You Start

  • Make sure you have Social Boost installed in your store;

  • The setup process detailed below is specifically outlined for Shopify stores; however, it is applicable and equivalent to any other website platform that supports Social Boost.

Setup Process

Step 1. Create an API key in Store settings → API keys. You can find the full guide here.

Step 2. Go to the Social Boost app menu → hover on the left-hand side → select Integrations → find Omnisend → enter the API key and click Validate & Save.

If successful - you should see this popup.

Please note contacts will be added to Omnisend only when "Newsletter action" is added to an active campaign and customers engage with that action.

Step 3. Create a new campaign or select an existing one, then go to Setup Entry Methods and add a Newsletter action.

Make sure to select Omnisend as a third-party integration and click Save after making any changes.

Finally, update/publish your Campaign, and it will send customer's subscription to Omnisend as soon as they interact with Newsletter action.

What Data is Passed

  • Email;

  • First name;

  • Last name;

  • Subscription status;

  • Campaign-specific tag and 'source: social boost' tag.

If you need any help or face any difficulties, please contact us at [email protected]. We are here 24/7 for you!

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