Omnisend is a powerful marketing tool processing your store data to personalize communication with your customers and boost your sales. By integrating Omnisend with your Bigcommerce store, you allow us to track your store performance, your customers' behavior, and to send relevant messages at each step of their journey.

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Integrate Omnisend with Bigcommerce

The integration process for the Bigcommerce account consist of two stages:

  1. installing Omnisend app on your store;

  2. adding Omnisend snippets to your store back-end.

There are two ways to complete the first stage of integration. You can either add Omnisend from the marketplace or create an account in Omnisend and connect your store through Omnisend settings. If you are creating your first account in Omnisend, it is better to go with the first option, but if you already have one store connected, you should register another store through the Account Management page.

Add Omnisend from the marketplace

1. In your Bigcommerce admin go to Apps -> Bigcommerce marketplace -> locate Omnisend.

2. Click on the GET THIS APP button and log-in to the Existing Bigcommerce store.

3. Choose to Install Omnisend -> provide all necessary permissions -> set-up Omnisend account.

That's it! Your store is connected.

And you don't need to add Omnisend snippets, as those are added automatically. Find them in Storefront -> Script Manager:

Connect your store through Omnisend settings 

1. First of all you need to have active Bigcommerce store. To check this you need to go to Channel Manager -> Storefronts.

2. In your Omnisend account click on the Connect your online store with Omnisend option in the Let's get started page or go to Store Settings -> Connect your store -> pick Bigcommerce from the list and click on the Connect Store button.

3. On the next page, you will be asked to enter your store URL. However, it is not the URL you see in the browser but the Permanent Address your Bigcommerce account is registered with.

To find this URL you should log-in to your BigCommerce Account Dashboard, click on the store name within My Account page. Then, scroll down to Details to their Current Domain, Permanent Address, and Control Panel address URLs.

⚠️ If you faced any problems with your store connection jump to the troubleshooting section.

After you add Omnisend app to your store, you will get access to all the following features for free:

Benefits of adding Snippets to your Bigcommerce store

Note! The snippets are added automatically for all new shops, if you are on an old version of Biccommerce then you'll need to add the snippets manually. If the snippets are added automatically in your case, you'll see ✅ next to the 1st point.

If you see the 'Fix now' button next to the 1st issue, then you'll need to add the snippets manually.

Add Omnisend code snippets to your store

If you click on the Fix now button, you will see the instruction and snippets that need to be added to your store. We've also prepared two guides for both Stencil and Blueprint theme frameworks. Check this article to find out what theme framework your theme is based on. 

Add custom domain and enable SSL certificate

Check this article to find out why and what you need to do to add a custom domain and SSL to your store. After you fix this issue in your store settings, you should click on the Fix now button and let us verify the change.

By fixing these two issues you will get access to the following features:

Data synchronization

After you complete the integration with Bigcommerce, Omnisend starts syncing all historical data from your store. The information passed to Omnisend includes your contacts, products, and orders. The initial synchronization may take up to a few hours, but we recommend waiting for 24 hours.

Later on, time-sensitive data is passed instantly or within 3 minutes.

* if you are not using any automation with a certain event in the trigger, customers' info and orders data are passed to Omnisend within 3 hours sync.

The contacts synced to Omnisend can have different subscription statuses: subscribed, non-subscribed. Only those contacts that provided explicit consent to receive your marketing materials are added to Omnisend with subscribed to email channel status. You may check that list in your Bigcommerce account. To collect email subscribers on the checkout, you can enable this option in your Bigcommerce admin by going to the Marketing tab -> Email marketing -> General settings -> tick the 'Allow Newsletter Subscriptions' box:

Automation workflows

Omnisend doesn't replace any of the automatic responses you have in your store. If you wish to replace them, you need to disable automations sent by the Bigcommerce and enable them in Omnisend.

See orders statuses mapping in the table presented below.

Bigcommerce status

Order status in Omnisend

Order Fulfillment status in Omnisend




Awaiting Payment



Awaiting Fulfilment



Awaiting Shipment



Awaiting Pickup



Partial Shipped



















Not mapped

Not mapped

Manual Verification Required



Partially Refunded

Partially refunded


When it comes to the Abandoned Cart automation, Omnisend provides two benefits:

  • the cart abandonment is triggered as soon as the customer provides guest details, specifically, his email address;

  • cart recovery URL will work across different browsers and devices. If you abandon a cart on the desktop and follow the link from your phone, you will be directed to the check-out page you have started.

Find a more detailed description of the Automation workflow set-up in the relevant article.

Note! Our Bigcommerce integration does not currently support multi-currency redemption.

The most straight and forward way to test your automation workflows performance is to trigger them in your store. While testing, make sure to:

  • adjust the delay to trigger the workflow Immediately;

  • use different email addresses, as some of the flows, Abandoned Cart, in particular, can be triggered only once per day unless you adjust Frequency setting.

Tip: if you add +something to your email address, it will be treated by the system as a new email address, but the email message will be sent to your inbox still. Example: [email protected] -> [email protected] or [email protected], etc.

Now, let's check how placing the test order would look in your Bigcommerce admin:

1. In your Bigcommerce admin proceed to the Orders sections -> click on the Add button.

2. To place an order in Bigcommerce, you need to proceed with 4 different steps. They are pretty straight and forward, so you don't need to worry about getting lost.

3. At the last stage, you will get the option to use Manual payment.

That’s it, the order is added to the admin panel 🤩

If you need to change the status of the order to test automation workflows with different payment statuses, you may use this option:

Find more information on the Automation workflows triggers settings here. If you faced any issues while testing the automation make sure to check our troubleshooting guide.

Troubleshooting store connection

When Omnisend is not able to access your store, it throws an error message, shown in the screenshot. If you've got this error, please follow the troubleshooting steps provided below.

1. Make sure you are using your store's permanent address and not the one shown in the address bar. Jump to 2nd step of the connection guide for the instruction.

2. Verify if your store URL is recorded properly in your Omnisend account settings. Go to Store Settings -> Settings -> Contact information -> Website. In this field, you should have the actual URL of your store (not the permanent one).

3. Check if your certification is set correctly. In your Bigcommerce admin, go to Store setup -> Store settings -> WWW/No WWW. If the redirection is set to redirect to www. certificate is incorrect, and the website isn’t accessible. Change the WWW/NO WWW option to "no preferences". Also, that's the link that is shown in your Bigcommerce admin account in the URL bar:

4. Try to connect your store again, and reach out to our Support Team via live chat or at [email protected] if any assistance is needed.

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