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Postscript is a powerful tool in setting up interactive 2-step forms for Shopify users with wide variety of style settings (CSS included).

Setup Process

Setup Process

Step 1. From your Omnisend store, go to Store Settings → API keys.

Step 2. Click "create API key" → set all permissions, or for passing contacts at least → copy it and click save. Here's more info on generating API keys.

Step 3. Go to your Postscript admin → Apps → look for Omnisend.

Step 4. In the Omnisend API Key field, paste the API Key that you have generated in your Omnisend account earlier → click "Save integration".

Step 5. And make sure to activate it. And this is it!

What Data is Passed

Once Postscript is connected with Omnisend, you can start setting up your forms. Here's the list of values that can be passed to Omnisend:

  • Email;

  • and 2 different custom properties per form.

❗ Phone numbers sync is not supported.

Setting Up Your First Form

Step 1. You should go to Postscript admin → Acquisition → Popups → Website popups → and under “Create” button in the top right corner you'll see a drop-down menu with 2 options to create either mobile or desktop form.

In both scenarios, the form will be created already with the phone number field. Please note that you can't have email field together with phone number field. Hence, you would need to create a 2nd step in the form.

That second, custom step as it's called, will have email pre-added too.

At the top of the menu on your left, you'll find headline and other text settings of the form.

Step 2. In order to sync email addresses to Omnisend from Postscript forms, you should enable forwarding those to an email app.

Once done, you'll see Omnisend there.

Step 3. Then you can add one more question per step, since 1 step can have 2 questions maximum. Types of additional questions available are:

  • text;

  • multiple answers (supports up to 4 answers);

  • month and day.

You can either select an already existing property for the question, or create a new one.

The name of the subscriber property you set in Postscript will be the same when synced to Omnisend as a custom property.

Step 4. A little further down the page you'll find popup settings. On the first tab you can add your styles to the form, like fonts, button aka teaser color, form type and so on.

The second tab manages behavior settings. There you can limit countries for phone number question, set if phone number step should go first or last, exclude some pages, and the rest.

At the bottom of the preview window of the form, you'll see “Collapse” option, which would allow you to check the form's button view.

Step 5. In the top right corner, you'll find an option to also edit the CSS of your form.

Feel free to check Postscript's Help docs for more information.

Step 6. Make sure to save changes first, and then activate the form.

Please note that activating it without saving the changes prior will reset everything.

And you're ready to go then!


Can my Postscript form trigger Welcome automation?
Yes! More info on setting up our Welcome flow can be found in this dedicated article.

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