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New Gmail and Yahoo Requirements (February 2024)
Sending Securely: Simple Solutions for Google, Yahoo, and AOL Requirements in 2024
Sending Securely: Simple Solutions for Google, Yahoo, and AOL Requirements in 2024
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Major email service providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL, are implementing changes starting February 2024 to enhance email security, reduce spam, and improve user experience.

These changes impact all users, especially those sending over 5,000 messages from a single sender domain to one email service provider in one day.

Omnisend is committed to making this transition smooth and efficient for you.

Who Will Be Impacted?

Everyone will be affected, with a specific focus on bulk senders or brands sending more than 5,000 emails daily. Failure to meet these new requirements will result in deliverability issues, specifically affecting emails sent to Google and Yahoo email addresses.

Prepare Your Account for Enhanced Sender Requirements

To ensure a smooth transition and uphold the quality of your email delivery, we've curated a list of steps for you to follow.

By completing these steps, you'll be well-prepared to meet the new sender requirements from both Google and Yahoo.

How to Check If I have Shared or Custom Domain

  1. Navigate to your Store settings → Sender domains.

  2. Identify if you have assigned custom domains or if no custom domains have been added yet.

Shared Domains Priority: Getting Custom Domain

For users sending their campaigns and automations on shared domains, acquiring a custom domain is required. Prioritizing this transition is essential for ongoing functionality. This seemingly small detail holds significant advantages.

Firstly, authenticating your emails through domain signing enhances the sender's reputation, a crucial factor for inbox placement.

Secondly, a custom domain is a powerful branding tool, making your business more distinguishable.

Lastly, adopting separate subdomains for campaigns and automations, as recommended by Omnisend, is critical to optimizing email performance.

Ensure you've secured your custom domain in Omnisend by following the steps provided in our dedicated guide.

Once you've completed the domain signing process, proceed with the steps outlined below.

We recommend using a domain name that is the same as your website, for example, Consequently, the right choice for the subdomain contains your store name:;;, etc.

Dedicated Domains: Proactive Steps for a Smooth Transition

For merchants using dedicated domains, ensure you're well-prepared for the changes ahead.

What You Need to Do:

Implement Verified Sender's Domain:

Setting DMARC Policy=none is enough to meet upcoming Gmail and Yahoo requirements. Once you feel ready to take another step in your email security - feel free to change it to Quarantine or Reject. Check the guide about DMARC details.

Use Branded Sender Email:

  • Starting February 1st, you won’t be allowed to send emails from the sender’s emails that contain the domain.

    Therefore, it's a must to transition to a sender email address on your branded custom domain. Make sure to prioritize establishing credibility with custom domain addresses for more professional and trustworthy email outreach. We recommend using an email based on your store domain, for example, [email protected].

  • Starting February 1st, you might notice a new email address called Shared Omnisend Email on your Email addresses page. Shared Omnisend email is the default email address provided by Omnisend. This email address will be used as the sender's address for messages sent by all users who utilize shared sender domains.

Make Unsubscribing Easy:

  • Omnisend has taken care of one-click unsubscribe for marketing emails on your custom domains for a hassle-free experience.

  • From your side, ensure transparent unsubscribe processes for your emails in the email body.

Ensure Low Spam Complaints:

  • One important factor to consider is the spam complaints ratio, which should be kept below 0.1% per email service provider. A ratio of 0.3% is considered the point of no return, which means your emails are likely to be marked as spam or rejected entirely.

  • We strongly advise utilizing your Google Postmaster account to monitor the feedback from Google regarding the spam rates associated with your domain. By doing so, you can ensure that your ratio remains below 0.1%, and in case it starts to exceed this threshold, you can take prompt corrective actions.

  • Refer to our guide here for email content strategies that can help you keep the spam reports below the threshold.

How It's Going to Affect You: Positive Impact Assured

These changes are not obstacles but rather enhancements that promise:

  • Increasing Credibility. Authentication fosters trust, ensuring your emails are recognized and trusted.

  • Enhancing User Experience. Streamlined unsubscribing options contribute to a positive and hassle-free email experience.

  • Improving Deliverability. Complying with industry standards elevates your sender's reputation, ensuring consistent email delivery.

What You Can Face if Changes Are Not Implemented

  • Email Delivery Issues. Non-compliance may result in email delivery problems.

  • Negative Sender Reputation. Failing to meet new requirements may impact your sender's reputation.

  • Reduced Effectiveness of Email Marketing Campaigns. Adherence to these changes is crucial for maintaining the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Adapting to these positive changes is about compliance and commitment to your success. We are your partner in this journey.

For any questions or assistance, reach out to our dedicated customer support at [email protected]. Thank you for your trust, and let's embrace these changes together for a brighter email future.

Available Google&Yahoo Resources

You can use Postmaster Tools to track data on large volumes of emails sent and find data about your sending domain. You can view different dashboards to understand details like Gmail delivery errors, spam reports, feedback loops, and more.

Looking for Extra Help?

If you need extra assistance in meeting the new requirements, check out these Omnisend Partners from around the world who are ready to provide their services:

Enflow Digital

Email: [email protected]
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May The Growth Be With You

Contact: David Bradbury
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Location: Melbourne, Australia


Contact: Trevor Antunez
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Location: California, US

Invisible Brands

If you are an Omnisend partner who would like to offer these services, please contact us at [email protected] 💡

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