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Dynamic Preview

Learn how to preview dynamic data in your email campaigns and automations

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Dynamic email template preview lets you see how your emails will look with actual contact data before sending them. This feature is available for both campaigns and automations, offering a comprehensive view of your communication strategy.

Discover how this feature can assist you in creating more personalized and engaging email campaigns.

What is Event Data?

Event data is crucial for understanding your customer's actions on your ecommerce platform. For instance, when a customer initiates a checkout, it's recorded as a "Started Checkout" event.

Omnisend receives detailed information about items left in the cart, quantities, total amounts, images, and more from the ecommerce platform.

These details are sent as profile or event variables, providing comprehensive information about specific customer actions.

Why Event Data Matters

Understanding event data is like having a seamless conversation with your customers. When you add variables to an email, you can effortlessly incorporate dynamic data.

It's like asking the first person in a line their name – effective for a single item but cumbersome for multiple items or unknown quantities.

Imagine calling out “Name” and instantly getting names from everyone in a long line. Similarly, use a single command to retrieve all variables for items within a customer list, ensuring a swift and efficient preview experience.

With dynamic preview, visualize your emails with actual contact data before sending them to ensure an accurate representation of how your recipients will engage with your content.

Previewing Personalization

Add variables like names, countries, or addresses to your email and see them in action via dynamic preview. Witness how personalization will appear for real customers with real data – all without leaving the email builder.

Currently, we're displaying the 25 most recent contacts.

Event Data Preview

In addition to contact data, you can now preview email content enriched with event data. This includes personalization, order confirmations, abandoned cart details, and more. This feature is particularly valuable for event-based workflows.

You can preview ten events generated by the specific contact, including personalization, event data, order confirmation, abandoned cart data, etc.

⚠️ If there are no events, a message will indicate "No events to display." Interact with your store (using your own contact in Audience) or wait for customer activity to generate event data for preview.

How It Works

Follow these steps to make the most of the dynamic preview feature.

Step 1. Create or open the email. Navigate to the email you want to preview within your campaign or automation.

Step 2. Select Preview under More. Click on More in the Email Builder toolbar and choose Preview from the dropdown menu.

Step 3. Access Preview Email Info. Within the preview options, locate Preview Email Info.

Step 4. Select Contact. Choose a contact from the list to see how the email will look for them.

Step 5. Preview Data. Depending on what you preview (Campaigns/Automations), you will be able to see different data under Profile and Event properties.

Profile Properties

Event Properties



No Data



  • Product Recommender Item (Personalized Recommendations);

  • Events based on Trigger:

    • Abandoned Cart Item;

    • Order and Billing/Shipping Item;

    • Order Summary Item;

    • Billing and Shipping Item.

Tip 💡 Check Event Details. For emails with events, click on Event Details to see a summary. Expand the list for the full event payload.

Please note that if a contact performs the same event multiple times, they may appear multiple times in the list, allowing you to review variations in email content based on repeated actions.

[Include a screenshot example from PM]

Use Cases

Review the data insights in the table below and make sure to preview your campaigns and automation consistently to improve the customer experience.

Dynamic Content


Abandoned Cart & Abandoned Checkout Items


Order Confirmation Items


Personalization Preview

Campaigns and Automations (Custom Event Payload)

Product Recommender

Automations (Personalized Recommendations)

  • Personalization Matters. Ensure that your emails are highly personalized by leveraging contact data and event information, significantly improving engagement.

  • Test Different Events. Experiment with various events to understand how your emails will adapt to different scenarios, helping you tailor your content for diverse customer interactions.

  • Iterate Based on Previews. Use the preview feature iteratively to refine your email content. Make adjustments based on how the emails appear with real contact and event data.

The dynamic preview feature helps you test different events efficiently so you can customize content for various scenarios. Using this feature ensures that emails are not only personalized but also improved based on real contact and event data, ultimately making the overall campaign more effective.

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