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Interact allows you to create interactive quizzes that generate leads & sell products. Harness the power of quizzes to grow your email list, segment your leads, and recommend products to increase sales.

Setup Process

Setup Process

Step 1. From your Omnisend store, go to Store Settings → API keys.

Step 2. Click "Create API key" → set all permissions, or for passing contacts at least → copy it and click save. Here's more info on generating API keys.

Step 3. In your Interact admin, go to quizzes and choose to edit the quiz that you would like to integrate with Omnisend.

Step 4. Then, on the left sidebar, you should enable Lead Generation, and as the first step, select which opt-in data you would like to collect at the end of the quiz before showing the results.

Step 5. In the next step, under "Connect your email list," select Omnisend and insert the API key you created not long ago in your Omnisend account.

What Data is Passed

Once Interact is connected with Omnisend, you can start setting up your quiz. Here's the list of values that can be passed to Omnisend:

  • Email;

  • First name;

  • Last name;

  • Phone number;

  • Zip code

  • Company name will be synced as a custom property, along with any additional fields you add to your opt-in form, and answers to the quiz will also be synced as custom properties.

Mapping Quiz Fields

Now, let's move to the next step of mapping quiz data to properties in Omnisend.

Step 1. In the Results step, you should map the result that can be received within the quiz with the Action in Omnisend. The last consists of assigning a custom property and a tag for such a result.

There's also an option to apply the same settings to all results quickly.

You can assign the same custom property to different/all results and differentiate those by tags or the reverse if you want to segment contacts in Omnisend based on those different quiz results.

Please note that if you don't map some quiz results with an action in Omnisend, contact will still be passed, just without a custom property notifying which result they got.

Step 2. Next, with the same logic, you should map your answers to custom properties, which will be created in Omnisend, and you can also assign special tags based on that.

In our example, you can go with one custom property per question, so the same property for four answers. In the same way, there's an option to apply that one action to all answers.

Please note that if you don't map some answers with an action in Omnisend, contact will still be passed, just without a custom property notifying which answers they selected.

Step 3. In the Settings step, you decide if you would like to send a welcome email with Omnisend to contacts who will fill out this quiz and if you would like to pass opt-in data to us.

If you enable opt-in collection, emails can be collected with subscribed status; phone numbers would be passed as non-subscribers.

Step 4. Then, you can double-check the mapping of default fields with Omnisend and create a custom property for company data.

Don't forget each time before moving to the next step to click "Save & Continue".

Step 5. In the last step, you can test the integration and send the test contact to Omnisend. Fill in all missing fields and click "Send test lead to my list".

Step 6. When all is done, make sure to publish the changes.

If you have additional questions on how to get around Interact, feel free to check their Help docs for more information.

And you're ready to go!


Can my Interact quiz trigger Welcome automation?
Yes! More info on setting up our Welcome flow can be found in this dedicated article.

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