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Learn how to integrate with Omnisend to sync your contacts from

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Updated over a week ago is a 3rd party app that provides tools to create personalized interactions at every step of the customer journey. Integrate with Omnisend and pass all contact data collected with your Projects.



Integrate with Omnisend and pass all the contact information collected by your Signup forms to Omnisend. Send Welcome emails to all customers collected by Signup forms through Omnisend. Use collected data to segment your customers and personalize your emails.

Setup process

To integrate with Omnisend create the API key the following way:

Store settings ➡️ Integrations & API ➡️ API Keys ➡️ Create API Key

Then open your Involve account and proceed to the Integrations tab. Then select the Organization level option if you want all your Projects to pass data to Omnisend. Otherwise, select the Projects level option and select a specific Project that you want to integrate with Omnisend.

On the next step, find Omnisend and insert API key that you've generated in Omnisend.

Keep in mind that you should have opt-in box added to your Project. Otherwise, data won't be sent to Omnisend.

Also, click on opt-in box block ➡️ Content ➡️Options ➡️ Send data to ➡️ select Omnisend.

That's it! Once you publish the project, all contacts that will fill it out will be passed to your Omnisend store.

What data is passed to Omnisend

The integration will send email and default properties automatically, including:

  • Form fields element mapped to corresponding properties in Omnisend

  • Form fields mapped to custom properties in Omnisend

  • correct: number of correctly answered questions

  • score: sum of all the points in the quiz

  • outcome_points: total points for the determining outcome

  • calculator: result from the calculator element

  • ca_xxxxxx: if you have more than one calculator element, calculator ID is passed as a custom property name, so you'll be able to differentiate one calculator from another

  • outcome: Which outcome the participant got for multiple outcome projects (only if the project has outcomes)

  • embed_url: for the website where the project was embedded

  • remote_id: if the submission has the parameter

  • involveme_project to save the project name

Map custom properties

If you're collecting custom properties with your projects (e.g. answers to questions) and want to pass them to Omnisend, you need to map these properties manually. To do this go to the Projects tab ➡️ select needed project ➡️click on Integrations.

Find Omnisend integration ➡️ Configure ➡️ Map Custom Fields.

Select the property names for the fields that you want to pass to Omnisend and Save mapping.

Tag contacts passed from

Make sure to enable this box to pass your Project Name as tag to Omnisend to be able to segment by this tag later.

Testing the Integration: Once a user completes the survey, check the Analytics of the project -> Select the Responses [ ] menu -> Select a submission. On the right pane, scroll down the page until the "INTEGRATIONS" section.

The Omnisend icon should be displayed with a status: "Successful".

If the Omnisend icon is not present, it is not integrated with the project. If it is greyed out, the Integration is present but has not been triggered. Other statuses include Pending or an Error description that can be used to further troubleshoot the issue if necessary.

If you have any trouble setting up this integration, please contact support.

Send automated emails to contacts

To send automated emails to contacts create a segment based on your Project Name tag.

Once the segment is created, create an automation workflow based on Contact enters a segment trigger and select your segment as trigger filter.

Use case

Send survey to customers who placed an order to collect feedback. You can find a lot of great templates in your account ➡️ Templates ➡️ Categories ➡️ Surveys. Then send a link to your survey with your order follow-up email.

Send discount code for next order to everybody who'll fill out this form. To do this create a segment based on the your Project Name tag. Then create automation for this segment.

You can go further and split by the rate that the customer has left ➡️ send different emails based on the rate. Make sure to pass answers to the survey to Omnisend using custom properties. Then create a segment of customers who left 4-5 rate.

Then use this segment as a split rule in the automation that you've created.

Feel free to play around to find more benefits out of this integration 🚀

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