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Big Game Email Marketing Essentials
Big Game Email Marketing Essentials
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The Super Bowl, also known as the Big Game, is one of the most highly anticipated events in the world of sports. It marks the end of a season and determines the NFL champions in front of a massive audience. The game is always full of excitement and tension. Super Bowl LVIII (58) is scheduled for Sunday, February 11, 2024.

Picture this: the Big Game, a spectacular event where people from all around the world come together not just for touchdowns but also for the cultural experience. It's a moment that captures the attention of over 100 million viewers as they watch intently, their hearts racing and the excitement palpable.

Now, in the middle of it all, imagine you making your store shine during the pre-game hype, half-time extravagance, and even the post-game celebrations.

Pre-Game Hype

Get ready to ignite excitement for the Big Game! Send out tantalizing emails with exclusive promotions, limited-edition products, or special offers only available during the promotion. We have pre-designed templates ready for you to use for your promos.

Fan-Focused Content

Tailor your content to resonate with sports fans. Use language, imagery, and references that align with the excitement and energy of the Big Game. Consider incorporating team colors, mascots, and popular game traditions.

Run Half-Time Flash Sales

To capture the excitement of the half-time show, consider launching flash sales or time-limited promotions during the game. You can create a sense of urgency by including a countdown timer in your signup forms. Additionally, create a specific tag for this customer group and use it for segmentation in your further emails.

Idea πŸ’‘ Make subscribers feel special by offering exclusive VIP access to specific promotions or products. Use language like "VIP-only" or "Insider Access" to create a sense of exclusivity.

Game-Day Playbook

Send a "Game-Day Playbook" email that outlines all the promotions, deals, and activities planned for the Big Game day. Make it easy for subscribers to navigate and take advantage of your offers.

Tailored Product Bundles

Create themed product bundles specifically for the Big Game. For example, bundle items related to snacks, party supplies, and team merchandise at a discounted price.

Live Updates

Provide real-time updates during the game, especially if your promotion is tied to specific game events. Send quick emails announcing score updates, major plays, or surprise promotions triggered by in-game actions.

Score Predictions Contest

Engage your audience by running a score predictions contest. Encourage subscribers to predict the final score of the Big Game for a chance to win exclusive discounts, freebies, or merchandise.

Mobile Optimization

Since many people will be using their mobile devices during the Big Game, ensure your emails are optimized for mobile viewing. Use responsive design to provide a seamless experience on different devices. Make sure to preview your forms and emails before setting them live.

Emails Timing

Timing is crucial for Big Game marketing campaigns because the event unfolds in pre-game, half-time, and post-game phases.

By using these phases effectively, you can align your messaging with your audience's activities and emotions throughout each period. This can help ensure that the right message is delivered at the right time, leading to more effective communication and engagement with the target audience.

Here's a breakdown of when to schedule your emails during each period:


  • Timing: The last half hour before kick-off (6:00 PM - 6:30 PM ET)

  • Why: This is when fans likely make final preparations, check their messages, and get ready to settle in for the game.


  • Timing: As the second quarter ends, just before half-time (around 8:00 PM ET) or at the end of the half-time show (around 8:30 PM ET)

  • Why: Fans are taking a break during the extended half-time, and they may check their messages. Avoid competing with the half-time show by sending your email just before or after.


  • Timing: Shortly after the game ends (around 10:00 PM ET)

  • Why: Fans will likely check messages while leaving the game or heading home. This is an opportunity to capture their attention with post-game deals or congratulations/conciliatory messages.

  • What: Congratulations or consolations for participating team fans, promotions for post-game celebrations.

Post-Game Celebration

After the game, celebrate with your subscribers. Send congratulatory emails to the winning team's fans and offer post-game discounts or promotions to extend the excitement.

Post-Game Follow-Up Survey

Consider sending a post-game survey to subscribers to gather feedback about their experience with your Big Game promotions. This feedback can be used to improve future events and tailor your marketing strategies.

You can also create a survey-type Preference Center page for your customers, allowing them to update their preferences for the types of content they receive from you. Your customers' answers will be saved as custom properties in your Omnisend Audience.

You can use our Landing Page templates to create your unique survey. Navigate to the Forms tab, create a form, and select your Landing Page template. You can add custom properties to ask your questions, and any provided answer will be immediately synced with your Omnisend Audience, from which you could segment these.

Remember to continually analyze your email metrics and adjust your strategy based on the performance data. Every audience is unique, so test different approaches to find what resonates best with your subscribers.

Get ready to shine at the Super Bowl with our amazing playbook of strategies and tips! It's not just a game; it's a chance to showcase your brand and make a lasting impact.

Feel the excitement building? We do, too! πŸŽ‰ Let's make this Super Bowl season your most memorable one yet.

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