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Groupboss allows you to generate unlimited free leads from Facebook groups by saving answers to group qualifying questions with a single click only. You can easily transfer those to Omnisend to run email campaigns and turn your Facebook group into a revenue-generating machine.

Setup Process

Setup Process

Step 1. From your Omnisend store, go to Store Settings → API keys.

Step 2. Click "Create API key" → set all permissions, or for passing contacts at least → copy it and click save. Here's more info on generating API keys.

Step 3. Install the Groupboss extension in your browser. Follow this guide for Chrome browser extension.

Step 4. Go to your Facebook group → inside it, click on the Groupboss extension icon, and there you should see an option to connect it to Omnisend if the group is already connected to your Groupboss account. If not, connect it first.

Once done, perform the actions described below:

  • Double-check the group you're connecting;

  • Add a spreadsheet link, where your Facebook leads would sync to, and sign up with your Google account to finish setting up this part of the connection (more on this here);

  • If you already have membership questions to join your Facebook group, those should appear as headers in the added Google sheet.

Here's an example of the Headers in Google sheet ↓

  • Lastly, select Omnisend and click Next.

Step 5. Paste in the API key created in Omnisend from Step 2 and add a distinguishing tag to your Facebook leads for your Omnisend contact list. Click Save.

And this is it! You should see a "successfully saved" message at the end.

What Data is Passed

You can start syncing your leads once your Facebook group is connected to Groupboss and Omnisend. Here's the list of values that can be passed to Omnisend:

  • Email address along with opt-in date;

  • First name;

  • Last name;

  • Tag added upon setting up the integration.

❗ Please note membership questions won't be passed.

How It Works

Step 1. Once you have a new member request, you'll see an option to approve it by Groupboss.

Step 2. Click approve by Groupboss, and this lead should appear in your connected Google Sheet.

Step 3. And this lead should also appear in your Omnisend contact list.

You are all set and ready to proceed forward with the integration now 🎉


Can my Groupboss lead trigger Welcome automation?

Unfortunately, it's impossible, but you can send a feature improvement request to the Groupboss team here since they were responsible for making this integration possible.

However, if you wish to send a Welcome automation to the leads coming from this integration, you can create a segment based on a tag from it to set up Segment-based automation. More about it here.

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