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Supermetrics is a 3rd party application that lets you move your Omnisend data to your go-to reporting, analytics, and storage platform — whether that’s a BI tool, a spreadsheet, a data visualization tool, a data lake, or a data warehouse.

You can easily manage your email campaigns, analyze A/B tests, and more. Create automatic updates to your exports and have the data at hand whenever you need it. So instead of pulling the data manually every month, you can gain more time to analyze and make better decisions from your data.


Benefits and use cases

Maximize results in email marketing

When all your email campaign data is centralized in one location, it’s easy to make data-driven decisions based on historical proof. Supermetrics automates your data delivery so you can easily access it. This way, you'll have more time to optimize the campaigns and maximize the results.

Combine data for deeper insight

The beauty of Supermetrics is the multiple data sources you can connect and use alongside Omnisend. Pull the data from your social media campaigns, SEO analytics, and the list goes on. Combine these results with your Omnisend data to fully understand your customer journey and overall performance.

Gain strategic advantage from your data

When you spend less time gathering data and manually reporting it, you'll have more time to draw insights from it. What's more, with Supermetrics, you'll have full ownership of your data, and you can use it the way you need to.

Supported data destinations

Supermetrics solves data problems by streamlining data delivery to your chosen reporting tool. Simply use the business tool you are used to and ensure data transparency within the organization.

You can move Omnisend data to Google Sheets, Excel, and Google Data Studio. We also support Azure Storage, Amazon S3, Redshift, BigQuery, Azure Synapse, Google Cloud Storage, and Snowflake if you prefer or use data warehouses or lakes. You can also move the data by using API.

Setup Process

Firstly, create an API key. To do this click on your brand name in the top right corner -> Store settings:

Click on the 'API keys' section:

Then click the 'Create API Key' button:

Enter the name of your API key, keep default settings and click 'Save':

Copy the API key that you've just created to a safe place. Later, you will use it to authenticate through Supermetrics and access your Omnisend data. Depending on the app where you would like to sync data from Omnisend, the setup process will be slightly different, therefore there's no single form where you could paste the API key. You can check setup process for each destination in SuperMetrics Support Center. Also, we'll show how to set up the integration with one of the most popular destinations - Google Sheets, in the next section of this article.

What data is synced

The Supermetrics app syncs any Omnisend campaign data that you choose from the query settings. The data can be synced on-demand or with automatic triggers.

All the available data points are listed here: Integration Omnisend Fields.

Example use case - Google Sheets

This example shows you how to connect your data to Google Sheets. If you are interested in another destination, please scroll down for more information.

Firstly, install Supermetrics extension in the Google Workspace Marketplace. Click 'Install' and give all the necessary permissions:

Then create a new Google Sheet file that you'll be using to display the Omnisend data. Once created, navigate to Extensions -> Add-on -> Manage add-ons:

Then click on the 3 vertical dots button in the top right corner of the Supermetrics widget and enable 'Use in this document':

Supermetrics will appear as an option under the Extensions tab. Select it and click 'Launch':

The Supermetrics menu will be launched on the right side of the screen -> click 'Create new query':

Search for Omnisend among other data sources:

Proceed with connecting Omnisend to Supermetrics as described in the Setup Process. Once it's done, you'll be allowed to pick what data you want to import into your Google Sheet file and how you want it to be organized.

Learn more about getting started in Google Sheets and how to query data:

Other destinations

Supermetrics supports a wide range of other destinations for your Omnisend data, including Microsoft Excel, Data Studio, API and Data Warehouse destinations.

To learn more about available destinations how to connect your data to your preferred one, please visit

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