Omnisend has two different paid plans (Standard and Pro). Once you sign up for either of them, your billing cycle begins and lasts for one month (unless you go with a yearly plan). This article explains how we charge and what to do if you run out of credits before your billing month ends.

Billing periods (monthly and yearly)

Omnisend offers two types of subscriptions: monthly and yearly. Monthly subscription means that you are billed on a monthly basis, whereas yearly means that you get charged only once a year.

Monthly subscription renewal is done on the same day of the month each month, with only exceptions if your signup starts on 31st (or 29th of February) day of the month. In cases when your subscription starts on 31st, your billing date might be moved by one calendar day to compensate for the difference.

Yearly subscription renewal is done on the same date after a year. You are charged according to the amount of active subscribers you have and have to pay upfront the whole amount for the year. You do also get the yearly limit of mailing credits on the day of signup for a yearly plan.

Charge now

In case you run out of mailing credits before your billing period ends, you might want to hit a Charge now button on your account and get additional mailing credits. Regardless of the pricing plan you have, here's how it works:

  1. Charge now does not change your billing cycle. Billing cycle stays the same as it was - it does not get extended or shortened. You will be billed for the whole month on the same date as usual, additionally to your Charge now charge.
  2. Charge now is a non-recurring charge, meaning you can use it only then, when you need it.
  3. Charge now does not change your monthly or yearly total for the chosen pricing plan.

The price for Charge now is calculated with the following formula

Total monthly price x (days left until end of billing cycle / days in the month) = Charge now price

The minimum charge for Charge now is $10.

Mailing credits you get are added according to the following formula

Number of monthly credits x (weeks until the end of billing cycle / 4) = Extra credits added to your account

Days are always rounded to the higher limit, i.e. 3 days mean 1 week, 8 days mean 2 weeks, etc.


Let's say you have 3 more days left until your next billing cycle and click on Charge now. You have 20000 subscribers, are on Standard plan, and pay $150 per month.

Total monthly price: $150
Days left until end of billing cycle: 3
Days in the month: 30

Then your additional charge will be: $150 x (3 / 30) = $15

Number of monthly credits: 300,000
Weeks until the end of billing cycle: 1

Then your additional mailing credits will be: 300,000 x (1 / 4) = 75,000

Finding Charge now option

There are two ways to get more mailing credits: 

  • in case you run out of your mailing credits before launching or scheduling your campaign, you will be offered to refill them immediately
  • in case you notice that your automation might need more mailing credits before the billing month ends, you can find Charge now button at My Account > Billing once you're out of credits.

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