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Learn here all about sender's email addresses in your Omnisend account that you use for communication with your clients

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To create an account with Omnisend, you will need to have an email address. We will use this email address to communicate with you. To send your email campaigns and automation to your customers, you can add different sender's email addresses and use those for communication.

In this article, learn how to add and verify your sender's email addresses.

Before You Start

You should not use the sender's email on these domains to send emails to real recipients:







You can use your personal email as a sender's email to test the platform. However, we highly recommend using an email address on a custom domain when you start sending out emails to real recipients.

Note! When you sign up on, and your registration email domain can also be used in Sender’s email (i.e., not,, and the ones named above), the registration email will be automatically added as your first sender’s email.

If you're using a personal email on one of the domains listed above, it'll be a good idea to change your sender's email to an email address on a custom domain. If you send an email from,, etc. sender's email, to your audience, most of the recipients, or even all of them, will get your email in their Spam folder. So, to avoid this and improve your emails' inbox placement, which will definitely impact your email's performance in turn, make sure to change your sender's email to an email address on your own domain.

Important! Users who sign up through Shopify will receive an Account Confirmation email to the inbox they registered with. If the account gets verified, Omnisend will automatically add the account email as their first sender’s email.

Setup Process

To add your sender’s email address (the one that email recipients see in the FROM: field) go through these quick steps:

1. Click on the Profile icon and go to Store settings > Settings > Sender's email addresses.

2. Add a new sender's email by clicking Add sender’s email address button:

3. Enter the sender's email you will use to communicate with your clients and hit SAVE:

4. Once the email is added, a verification email will be sent to your inbox to confirm the selected email:

The time to receive the verification email to your inbox can vary. Don't forget to check promotions and junk folders in case you don't find the email in the main inbox. 

Email not going through? Email us at [email protected] from the address you would like to verify, and we will do the verification manually from our end.

Finally, in the same Sender's email addresses tab, you can add more emails that can come in handy for your email marketing activities. You will have the option to delete the sender's email at any time. 

Once setting up a campaign or email automation, just choose the verified sender's email address from the list and use it to communicate with your clients!

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