When you are first getting started with Omnisend, there is a number of settings you will need to update for your account and your store.

In this article, you'll learn how to find your profile settings, update your profile basic information, manage user rights, billing information, and more.

Before you start

In Omnisend, as a user you can have one or multiple accounts, as well as one or multiple stores on the account. All depends on the specific needs you have!

Follow this link and learn how to add multiple stores to one account.

Account management page

You will find your Account management page on the Profile menu (top right corner).


Under Stores tab you will see all the stores that you connected to your master Omnisend account. From here, you will be able to access your store and register a new store on the same account. Each store will have details of:

  • Store connection to Omnisend date
  • Web page
  • Omnisend subscription plans
  • Number of contacts
  • Number of automation workflows
  • Number of forms used on the store and the total number of sales. 

Billing info

You will be able to add and see your credit card information here as well as billing information which will be automatically added to your invoices.

Important note: you can add more than one credit card to your account. In case the payment fails on the default card, the system will try to charge another card that you added. This can help you prevent your automation flows from being disabled!

Billing history

Search for your invoices here. All invoices related to your account will be displayed in the list, you will also have a possibility to search for a specific invoice.


Coming soon. 

Note, currently you can restrict your users from viewing the Omnisend Dashboard, reach out to our Support Team and we will make the changes!


Store settings

You will find your Store settings page on the Profile menu (top right corner). This page will contain information about a specific store you connected to Omnisend.

When you navigate to Store Settings you will see a preview of the pricing plan you use as well as email and ad credits limit remaining. From the main Store Settings page you will be able to refill SMS/ad credits, manage your payment plan and freeze your account (with 50 USD + VAT one-off charge).

You will also have an option to save all your data and freeze your account for 12 months. Freezing your account will allow you to return to it without losing any data, users and make sure your already sent messages are still available (with working links, etc.).


Under Billing tab you will find:


In the Settings tab you will be able to manage the following items:

  • Change password
  • Contact information - edit contact details and add Default logo and social links to your account. You will also be able to change your store URL here.
  • Users - manage your account users. 

You will see a list of users that are able to use your account. You will also have a single sign-on option, used to access the account directly from your store without additional log-ins. Note, by default this option is enabled for all accounts. If disabled, it requires every user on that account to login using username (email) and password, instead going straight from online store to Omnisend.

  • Emails from Omnisend - manage subscription for Omnisend campaigns
  • Sender's email addresses - view, add and delete sender's email addresses on your account
  • Language & translations - change language settings for your campaigns and automation.
  • Saved templates - manage and copy your Saved email templates

Integrations & API

In the Integrations & API tab you will be able to manage the following:

  • Available integrations
  • API keys - create, edit and copy API keys you created with Omnisend
  • API documentation
  • Custom events -  create your custom events to be used in automation.

Connected store

In the Connected Store tab you can view the ecommerce store you are currently working with.

Connected apps

In the Connected Apps tab you can connect new apps to your Omnisend account. Have a read through our How to integrate apps guides in our Knowledge base. You can also view, edit or delete the apps you have already connected. 


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