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Verification of a Campaign

Learn how we verify your campaigns before they are sent out

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To ensure that your sender's reputation is kept intact at all times, we use a sophisticated verification process that can be triggered by your first email campaign or rapid growth of the contact list over a short period (more than 20k new contacts were imported since the last campaign has been sent or the number of contacts increased by 50% - at least 10k new contacts added). If your campaign is being verified - do not worry, this is all for a good cause.

Make sure your Campaign sending has started. If you see some warnings, you need to resolve them first.

How this works:

  1. A small batch of your subscribers around 1000 or less if you have fewer contacts receive newsletters of a specific campaign.

  2. We check the reports of that batch to make sure it's safe to send it to the remaining part of your contacts. There will not be any harm done to your sender's reputation if your campaign's report does not exceed the following limits: 4% of bounce rate, 0.1% of spam rate, and 2% of the unsubscribing rate.

  3. In case of a high bounce or spam rate, we will ask you to review your contact list and unsubscribe old, inactive emails.

  4. If everything goes well, the campaign is sent to the remaining subscribers - you will not need to do anything additionally. 

  5. In case we notice any issues, we pause the campaign and inform you about it on the account. You will be able to resolve the issues by going through a wizard pointing out the reasons for the contacts being reported as inactive. The sending on your account will be temporarily paused until the issue is resolved. You may also reach out to our Support Team at any time and if any assistance is needed.

The verification process itself takes 60 minutes. Our sending process is really quick, and once the verification is done, your campaign will go out within minutes.

If you tried sending a campaign and got a message saying that the email sending for your account was paused, our abuse-prevention system likely noticed something about your account or campaign that was not a usual case and needed additional attention.

Read more about Paused email sending, and contact our Support team to help resolve this as soon as possible for you!

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