To assure that your sender’s reputation is kept intact at all times, we are using a complex verification process, which can be triggered by inactivity of an account or rapid growth of the contact list over a short period of time. If your campaign is being verified - do not worry, this is all for a good cause.

How this works:

  1. A small batch of your subscribers receive newsletters of a certain campaign.
  2. We check the reports of that batch to make sure you are safe to send it to the remaining part of contacts and there will not be any harm done to your sender’s reputation - your campaign's report does not exceed the following limits: 4% of bounce rate, 0.1% of spam rate and 2% of unsubscribe rate. In case of a high bounce or spam rate, we will ask you to review your contact list and get rid of old, inactive emails.
  3. If everything goes well, the campaign is sent to the remaining subscribers - you will not need to do anything additionally. 
  4. In case we notice any issues, we stop the campaign and inform you about it on the account and over email. You will be able to resolve the issues by going through a helpful wizard. Your account will be temporarily suspended until this issue is resolved. Our support will help you out as well, if there is any need.

Of course, this verification might take some time. Usually it does not hold your campaign for more than 30 minutes, but it might take up to 90 minutes in rare cases. Our sending process is really quick, once the verification is done, your campaign goes out within minutes.

If you tried sending a campaign and got a message saying that your account was suspended, our abuse-prevention system likely noticed something about your account or campaign that was not a usual case and needs additional attention. Read about Account suspensions and contact our Support team to help resolve this as soon as possible for you!

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