You have probably wondered how to know which of your contacts are no longer bringing any profit to your business. Well, there is a very easy way to filter them. You only need to create a Segment of inactive users and voila - you will see which of your contacts are harming your sender reputation as they are not opening your emails or marking those as spam. And, approximately 30% of emails go bad in just a year, so maintaining your contact list regularly will help you keep good open and click rates!


Before You Start

  • Segments are available on all of the pricing plans. 
  • Note, if you have just created an account with Omnisend, there will be no data about the customers' email activity and the segmentation rule described in the article will not work. 


Segment setup

Follow the setup video and the step by step guide below to create your Inactive contacts segment.

1. Go to Audience tab > click Create segment

2. Add all necessary filters. The segment rules should be based on your customers email activity: 

  • not opened email campaign > in the last 12 months AND 
  • been sent email campaign > number of campaigns is at least (5, 10 or 20 campaigns, depending on how frequently you send. I.E if you send one email campaign a week, you can surely filter contacts who did not open email campaign in the last 12 months and been sent at least 20 campaigns. This will ensure your new contacts don't get into the segment.

We recommend selecting the last year, but you can go for other period of time as well, like 6 months. Just note, the longer period of time you leave, the more inactive users you might still leave on your list. 

Your filtered contacts will automatically appear below your rule set to give you a better idea of who exactly is on that segment. Click Save segment once you are done.  

3. Name your segment. This name is internal and will help you identify the segment in your saved segments list. The best name for this segment would be "Inactive contacts" but you can choose whichever you like.

4. Once you are done with your segment, you will find it under Saved segments tab. 

Once you have all your contacts filtered you can delete or unsubscribe them, which is what we recommend, as they are usually the ones reporting your campaigns as spam just because they forgot they subscribed to your marketing at some point.

To delete or unsubscribe them you will need to go into the saved segment you just created > select all contacts in that segment > click delete permanently/unsubscribe. Make sure you are not only choosing just the 25 contacts on the first page you have.

And that's it. Your contact list is clean and healthy now, feel free to send your marketing to the remaining contacts!
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