Omnisend lets you collect a variety of different data, including the default properties, such as Email, Name, Phone number, etc., and custom properties, those that are not added by default. With custom property, you may collect even more data about your contacts that are particularly valuable to your brand.


Collecting Custom Properties
Locating Custom properties
Using Custom Properties
Exporting Custom Properties

Collecting Custom Properties

Custom properties can be added to your customers' profiles through:

Let's look into each of these options in greater detail.

Collecting Custom properties with Signup forms

To add a custom property to the Signup form proceed to the Forms tab -> open the Signup Form editor -> Content & Design -> scroll-down to the Input fields section -> click on the + Add additional.

On the next page, you can choose to add the default property or a custom one.

After you choose to add a new property, you should type in its name and select it from the list of those that exist already or create a new one. Here, you should also pick the type of property.

Adding custom properties to the customer profile

To add a custom property to a single customer profile, go to All Contacts -> click on the contact email address to open the profile page -> click on the Edit button within the Details section -> switch to the Custom section -> choose to Add property.

On the next page, you may choose to add a new custom property or to select an existing one:

💡 One contact can have an unlimited number of custom properties. A single custom property may take different values for each of your contacts.

Locating Custom properties

Custom properties are not shown on your contacts' profile pages, but you will see them on the menu for the new properties assignment.

Using Custom Properties

You can use Custom properties while sending different automation messages and campaigns:

1. You can personalize messages and send them via various Omnisend communication channels, such as Email, SMS, Push notifications, etc. Read more about Personalization in Channels.

2. You can also use Custom properties based segments to:

Exporting Custom Properties

When you choose to export your contacts, each of the custom properties generates a stand-alone row, with different values assigned to your contacts.

💬 Check the instruction for your contacts' Export to the file.

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