In addition to the Default properties about your customers that are stored on the Contact profile page, such as Email, Name, Phone number, etc. now with Custom properties you are able to collect and save more various information about your subscribers.

For example, you know which books your subscribers like. In Subscribers section add the genre they like, e.g. John likes "War books", Mary likes "Romance", and use this information for more targeted mailing.


Collecting Custom Properties

You can collect and add Custom properties to a contact's Profile page in the following ways:

1. Through Omnisend Signup forms. You can collect additional information by adding an already existing property or creating a new one in the signup form you currently use. Read more about it in Custom Properties in Forms.

2. Via API 

3. Contact's Profile page. You can add custom properties manually for each subscriber.
4. Import custom properties while Importing subscribers from file.

To add a custom property go to All Contacts > select a subscriber > click on their name > scroll down > Details > Edit > Edit profile details > scroll down > click on 'Add custom property':

You will then be able to create a new custom property or choose an existing one, add property name and its value:


Locating Custom properties

Currently Custom properties can only be viewed when you navigate to a contact's dashboard and scroll down to 'Custom properties':


Using Custom Properties

You can use Custom properties when you send your customers different automation messages and campaigns:

1. You can personalize messages and send them via various Omnisend communication channels, such as Email, SMS, Push notifications, Facebook Messenger, etc. Read more about Personalization in Channels.

2. You can also use Custom properties based segments to:


Exporting Custom Properties

If you need to export your subscribers to a file, you will be able to export all information that you have collected about your contacts, including custom properties. Read more about Exporting Subscribers to a file.

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