Segment of Consented Contacts

Learn how to create a Segment of the customers having GDPR or TCPA consent

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When your customers subscribe to receive your marketing, they provide the opt-in record that is necessary to start sending your ads. All contacts with the opt-in record have subscribed status in Omnisend and can receive all types of Email and SMS messages from you.

Still, according to the GDPR policy in the EU and TCPA for SMS marketing in the US, you should get an additional consent record. If Omnisend collects the contact, a consent record is added to this contact. However, a consent record won't be counted if the email address is collected on checkout or using any 3rd party app. Per European GDPR law, consent may only be collected via 1st party web form. At the same time, SMS consent may be added even to contacts collected on checkout.

Before you start

Consent records in the customer's profile

In the customer's profile, you may check if the record is present by opening the Consent details menu.

In the consent details, you will also find information about the source of the consent. Here you may see different values, including:

  • for GDPR: form:wheelOfFortune, form:signupBox, form:landingPage, form:popup;

  • for TCPA: shopify:checkout, form:wheelOfFortune, form:signupBox, form:landingPage, form:popup.

It is always better to keep everything in one place; therefore, when you start using Omnisend, ensure you are using all of the options for the consent collection Omnisend offers.

πŸ’‘ When you can't send a message to your customers, you may try reaching out to them using the Landing page signup form, asking if they wish to subscribe and provide a consent record.

Creating a segment of consents collected by Omnisend

To create a Segment of the customers whose consent was collected with Omnisend, you should go to Audience β†’ Segments β†’ Create Segment β†’ Create from scratch.

Choose Consent filter β†’ is β†’ either GDPR or TCPA OR select both.

As a result, you can create different Segments:

  • For GDPR (for the EU):

  • For TCPA (for the US):

  • For both GDPR and TCPA (marketing all countries):

Once you've created these Segments, you may use them for your Recipients lists in your Campaigns or as a Filter in the Automation workflows.

If you wish to cancel the workflow for the unconsented customers, you may add an Exit condition to your Automation workflow. Check this article for more information.

Contact our Support Team at [email protected] or via an in-app chat if you have other questions.

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