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General information about Omnisend, first steps, and available resources

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Omnisend is a marketing automation platform tailored for ecommerce (but available for all sorts of online businesses). Building a lasting relationship is the key to success. Therefore, all tools and features on Omnisend are focused on developing and enhancing relationships between a merchant and a customer. 

Omnisend combines Email, SMS, Push notifications, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads marketing into one single omnichannel platform and allows you to see your customer's complete journey.

There is no need to download or install software onto your computer to begin using Omnisend as it is a web-based application that works on most modern web browsers. To ensure flawless performance on your browser, you should ensure you have enabled cookies, pop-ups, and JavaScript (usually on unless you disable them).

First steps

To make sure your first steps with Omnisend are smooth, we suggest checking our Email Marketing Fundamentals course:

It's also worth checking the onboarding guide: Email & SMS Marketing Educational Program

Additional resources

Feel free to use all of the additional Omnisend resources available:

When you create an Omnisend account, you agree to Omnisend Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Anti-spam Policy.

Other questions

All Omnisend users, regardless of their pricing plan, are eligible for our 24/7 support, so feel free to start a chat with us within an app or simply contact us via email.

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