When you receive a text message, your phone always tells you something about where the SMS comes from. Either it says the name of a company or product you’re using, or a number from which it was sent, or even a combination if it’s a number that you have stored in your phone and it is replaced by your phone with the name under which you have that number saved. This is what we call the SMS sender's name.

Important limitations

Amount of characters

The amount of characters available to use as the originator depends on whether it’s a name or a number. If you’d like to enter your company name for example, this can be up to 11 characters. This is a limit that’s inherent to SMS as a format - so we can’t change this, unfortunately. There is no official minimum of characters that you should use but most phones can’t display 1 or 2-character sender's names; we recommend using between 3 and 11 characters.

Allowed characters

You are free to use all lower case and upper case letters from English alphabet as well as all numbers. Unfortunately, the use of special characters or emoji in the SMS sender's name is not available.

Spaces between characters

Just like the limited amount of characters is inherent to SMS as a format, spaces in the SMS sender's name are not available as well. This means that your SMS sender's name should be one word. If your brand name consist of two or more words, we suggest sticking them into one word. For example Joe's Bakery should go as JoesBakery.

Responding to your messages

It is not possible for the recipient to respond to this message directly. If your number is included in the message or if they’ve saved your contact information separately, they would be able to respond. Otherwise the response to sent SMS message will bounce back to your recipient and will be shown as not sent.


⚠️ Sender's name not showing

There are certain restrictions to the sender's name based on the country you are sending the message to. If you set the sender's name and it is not showing, there is a huge possibility that the country you are sending to does not allow the sender's name to be modified. Research country restrictions online, but in this case your sender's name will be displayed as the number you are sending from and not the name you are using to send.

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