The contacts added to your audience can have different subscription statuses for each of the channels; however, only subscribed customers can receive your marketing emails. In this article, we will look into the non-subscribed status.


Contacts with Non-subscribed status
Messages sent to non-subscribed customers
Collect customers' opt-ins
Statuses definition during the contacts import
Convert non-subscribed contacts

Contacts with Non-subscribed status

First of all, let's try to understand what and how contacts can be added with non-subscribed status. Generally speaking, any contact that was added to your list but neither subscribed nor unsubscribed from your marketing is added to the system as non-subscriber.

But how those contacts can be added to your Omnisend account?

The customer may provide his credentials while:

  • placing the order
  • abandoning a cart
  • creating an account in your store

but don't opt-in to receive your marketing.

You may also manually import your customers with non-subscribed status from the file. 

When building your marketing strategies, you should do your best to convert your customers to subscribers. Except for the opt-ins collection, you can also enable non-promotional automations to bring more traffic to your store.

Messages sent to non-subscribed customers

We always emphasize that the customer has to agree to receive your marketing updates, meaning that the emails related to the orders or to the products they engaged with can be sent to non-subscribed customers. If you want to change the settings for some of the flows, you may add a cancellation trigger based on the customer status.

Collect customers' opt-ins

The most direct way to collect the opt-in record of your visitors is via the online Signup forms, like the ones Omnisend offers:

  • Signup Box 
  • Pop-up 
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Landing page

You can also collect it via the integrated forms in your store.

Some other ways to obtain your customers' opt-ins include the 'Accept marketing' checkbox at the check-out or the import of the contacts with subscribed status from the integrated apps.

In case the e-commerce platform your store is built on doesn't have the check-box at the check-out page, all of the customers will be added with non-subscribed status. One of the possible workarounds is to add a link to the Landing Page form in the non-promotional sequence.

Statuses definition during the contacts import

When importing your customers from the file, you can choose whether you want to introduce them with subscribed or non-subscribed status.

To import your customers with non-subscribed statuses, both of the check-boxes should be un-checked. You shouldn't always strive to import your contacts with non-subscribed status since subscribed contacts are counted towards your pricing, and by sending your emails to engaged customers, you get a better sender's reputation.

Convert non-subscribed contacts

It sometimes happens that your contacts that were not collected via Omnisend Signup form land in the Non-subscribed list, because the opt-in record was not made available by the original source of collection. Well, you do not need to worry about that, we offer you the option to move such contacts from your Non-subscribed list to the Subscribed list if you have their proof of consent.

Important! You should manually move Non-subscribes to Subscribers only if you have proof of consent for each. Omnisend will not take any responsibility for bounced emails or spam complaints that manually converted subscribers might generate.

You can always check your contacts' channel subscription status using Create segment option in the Audience tab.

To move your subscribed contacts that landed in the non-subscribed list follow the steps below:

  1. In the Saved segment settings mark the checklist next to the contact (-s) you wish to convert
  2. From the Actions drop-down menu choose Convert non-subscribers:

3.  Confirmation modal will appear, just choose which channel you have the opt-in for and click Convert button:

That's it! Your non-subscribers will be given the opt-in record and moved to the Subscribed list.

Please, be aware that this increase in your Subscribed contacts number might generate adjustments in your monthly fee if you are using our Standard or Pro plan. Please, check the prices HERE.

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