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Contact statuses for different channels
Contact statuses for different channels
Learn about the statuses your contact can have for different communication channels
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At Omnisend, we provide you with the ability to offer a multi-channel experience to your customers. However, each has certain restrictions and ways to collect your customers' opt-ins. Continue reading this article to learn more about the different statuses for each channel.


Before you start

Contact statuses

Each channel has three different statuses. Here is a brief explanation:

  • Subscribed - a customer has opted-in for that channel and accepts your marketing. Feel free to send them your promotions through that channel.

  • Non-subscribed - your clients' contact details have been recorded on your website during the purchase while abandoning a cart or creating an account, but they have never subscribed to your newsletters. You cannot send your promotional communication to non-subscribed clients. Check the dedicated article for more information on the non-subscribed status.

  • Unsubscribed - customers who used to be your subscribers but decided to unsubscribe from your marketing through that channel. You are not allowed to send any communication to them, and this rule violation may result in your account suspension.

Subscription status VS marketing add

Each channel defines what statuses and when each of your contacts can have. Omnisend determines what type of messages your contacts can get depending on the contact status.

While the non-promotional (order-related) Email can be sent to all contacts, despite their subscription status, SMS and Push Notification can be sent to subscribed contacts only.

Note! Automation workflows based on custom events will send emails to unsubscribed contacts. If you don't want to send emails to unsubscribed contacts, add an Audience filter to exclude unsubscribers (Segment is NOT unsubscribers). Also, add an exit condition 'Contact enters a segment - Unsubscribers'. So, anybody who unsubscribes while in this workflow will exit it immediately.

The table below defines which SMS types can be sent to different types of contacts in your Audience. Please be aware that according to CTIA regulations, transitional messages like Order, Shipping, and Cancellation Confirmations are not and will not be delivered to the US market. Therefore, these types of messages can only be sent to subscribed contacts in your Audience.

Identifying subscription status

To see what channel your client is subscribed to, use Segmenting functionality in the Audience tab → Contact list. 

To select only those contacts who subscribed to one of your channels, choose to Create segmentSubscription channel is subscribedChoose the channel.

To see the Non-subscribed or Unsubscribed for particular channel contacts, use the same filtering functionality; choose the status you need to see.

Removed contacts (legacy status)

If you are an old-time user of Omnisend, you might remember having the list of contacts with Removed status. It was an alternative option between deleting and unsubscribing the contacts that would keep your contacts separate and would let you restore them at any time.

This status is no longer available, but you are all covered; no worries! 

  1. We have created a segment of All non-removed contacts, so when you communicate with your customers, ensure you always use that segment to skip the removed contacts.

  2. Use Contact tags to mark your contacts as removed. Mark your contacts with a tag Removed from everywhere -> use a rule Tag is not Removed from everywhere in any new segment you create with Omnisend. 

  3. If you have any segments already created on Omnisend, we have automatically added a rule to all existing segments. Tag is not Removed from everywhere.

If you didn't find the answer to your question, reach out to our Support Team via in-app chat or at [email protected].

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