Your contacts on Omnisend can subscribe to our different messaging channels - email, SMS, Push notification, etc. This means that subscription status for one contact in each of the channels may differ. For example, your contact may be unsubscribed from email channel, but still be subscribed to the SMS channel. In such case the contact will not show up under your email subscribers, but you will still see this contact when you filter out your SMS channel subscribers.

Read ahead to learn more about identifying contact statuses for different channels.


Contact statuses

Each channel has three different statuses. Here is a brief explanation of each of the statuses your contact can have:

  • Subscribed - a customer has opted-in for that channel and accepts your marketing. Feel free to send them your promotions via that channel.
  • Non-subscribed - your clients' contact details have been recorded on your website during the purchase, but they have never subscribed to your newsletters. This means that you cannot send promotional communication to the non-subscribed clients.
  • Unsubscribed - customers who used to be your subscribers, but unsubscribed from your marketing on that channel manually. By Global Email Marketing Law, you cannot send any communication to them.


Identifying subscription status

To see what channel your client is subscribed to, use filtering functionality in Audience tab > All contacts list. 

In order to select only those contacts who are subscribed to one of your channels, click Add filter > select channel > select status is Subscribed:

To see the unsubscribed contacts for particular channels, use the same filtering functionality just choose the different status you need to filter.

Unsubscribing a contact

Your contacts can unsubscribe themselves by click the unsubscribe link in the email footer or the sms message you sent out.

In case a client reaches out to you and asks to remove him from the promotions list, here is how you can unsubscribe the contact in your account:

  1. Search for the contact in the All contacts list
  2. Mark the checkbox next to the contact you want to unsubscribe
  3. From the Actions box choose Unsubscribe
  4. Select the communication channel you are unsubscribing your contact from:

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