In Omnisend, we provide you with the ability to offer a multi-channel experience to your customers. However, each of them has certain restrictions and its ways to collect your customers' opt-ins. Continue reading this article to learn more about different statuses for each of the channels.


Contact statuses
Subscription status VS marketing add
Identifying subscription status
Subscribed contacts
Manual import
Unsubscribing a contact

Contact statuses

Each channel has three different statuses. Here is a brief explanation of each of the statuses your contact can have:

  • Subscribed - a customer has opted-in for that channel and accepts your marketing. Feel free to send them your promotions via that channel.
  • Non-subscribed - your clients' contact details have been recorded on your website during the purchase while abandoning a cart or creating an account, but they have never subscribed to your newsletters. You cannot send a promotional communication to non-subscribed clients. Check the dedicated article for more information on the non-subscribed status.
  • Unsubscribed - customers who used to be your subscribers, but unsubscribed from your marketing on that channel manually. By Global Email Marketing Law, you cannot send any communication to them.

Subscription status VS marketing add

Each of the channels defines what statuses and when each of your contacts can have. Depending on the contact status, Omnisend determines what type of messages each of your customers can get. 

While the non-promotional (order-related) Email and SMS can be sent to all contacts, despite their subscription status, Push Notification or a message via Facebook can be sent only to those customers that subscribe to these channels. 

Identifying subscription status

To see what channel your client is subscribed to, use filtering functionality in the Audience tab -> All contacts list. 

In order to select only those contacts who are subscribed to one of your channels, click Create segment -> select channel -> select status is Subscribed:

To see the unsubscribed contacts for particular channels, use the same filtering functionality just choose the different status you need to filter.

Subscribed contacts

When it comes to the Email and SMS channel statuses, the ways to obtain opt-in records are various. In the table presented below, you can see a summary of each of these options for different platforms. Where plus sign identifies that your contacts will be added with subscribed status, and minus represents the non-subscribed ones.

For more information on the opt-in collection for the Push Notifications and Facebook Messenger check the instructions in the corresponding articles.

Manual import

Depending on the way your contacts are imported, they will be added with subscribed, non-subscribed, or unsubscribed status. At the moment, it is possible to identify the status for the Email and SMS channel.

If you upload contacts with Email addresses or with the phone number, the check-box for the Email channel or SMS status definition will be shown. When you add a check-mark to the check-box, the customers are added with subscribed status, otherwise with non-subscribed.

If you want to upload contacts with unsubscribed status, you may either import them with an arbitrary status and unsubscribe manually, or add today's date to the opt-out field. 

Updating your customers' data

If you upload the file with the same contact, we are not replacing the information about the contact but only add or update the missing data. However, if you import your customers as subscribed to the Email and SMS channel, all contacts having non-subscribed status will be converted to subscribers (unsubscribed status is not affected). To prevent this problem, you need to leave both checkboxes unchecked.

Unsubscribing a contact

Your contacts can unsubscribe themselves by clicking the Unsubscribe link in the email footer or the SMS message you sent out. In the email message, you can also add the option to Update subscription preferences.

More, you have a possibility to check the unsubscribe reasons and filter the customers that unsubscribed due to a particular reason. 

In Audience tab click Create segment -> Email Unsubscribe reason is -> Select reason from the drop-down list to see the full list:

In case a client reaches out to you and asks to remove him from the promotions list, here is how you can unsubscribe the contact in your account:

  1. Search for the contact in the All contacts list
  2. Mark the checkbox next to the contact you want to unsubscribe
  3. From the Actions box choose Unsubscribe
  4. Select the communication channel you are unsubscribing your contact from:

Removed contacts (legacy status)

If you are an old-time user of Omnisend, you might be used to a contact status Removed. This used to be a list of all contacts that you have deleted directly, but with a possibility to restore them any time. 

This status is no longer available, but no worries, you are all covered! 

  1. We have created a segment All non-removed contacts, so when you send communication to your customers, make sure you always use that segment to skip the removed contacts.
  2. Use Contact tags to mark your contacts as removed. Mark your contacts with a tag Removed from everywhere > use a rule Tag is not Removed from everywhere in any new segment you create with Omnisend. 
  3. If you have any segments already created on Omnisend, we have automatically added a rule to all existing segments Tag is not Removed from everywhere.

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