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This article explains how the contact activity timeline works in contact's profile

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Contact profile is designed to help you do successful marketing by tracking your audience engagement. With Omnisend, you can track what your contacts are interested in, what pages and products they view, what they buy or intend to buy, and more.

Before you begin

In the contact profile, you can find all activity of customers who have already subscribed to your newsletters. You can see events your user went through. This info is visible on a single contact level, meaning that you will see this data for each separate contact on their contact profile. It is available for users on all platforms, and you can use the feature if you are on a Free, Standard, or Pro plan.

Please note that you can collect push subscribers as standalone contacts. We also merge the email/SMS information provided during the checkout process with the push contact, avoiding the creation of separate contacts and potential price inflation.

Event data will give you a profile view of your contact that you can use for smart marketing. You can then send Browse abandonment emails or Product abandonment to get your contact to return and make the purchase. You can read more about different automation emails available on Omnisend here.

Moreover, you can analyze in-depth what your contacts are most interested in, which products are trending, and which do not get enough interest. Analyzing contact behavior with Omnisend can truly help you get more sales!

You can see what emails, SMS, and push notifications are sent to the subscribers on their profiles. Sent/opened/clicked events, all subscription channels - email/SMS/push notifications, and both campaigns and automations are supported.

Using Customer Profile

You can view contact profiles by going to Audience and choosing a specific contact or a contact within a segment.

Once you are on the Contact Profile Page, see the Contact activity timeline

You can check full contact activity by default or filter results out by following events that are divided into four categories (engagement, products, orders, and custom events):


  • Clicked on message

  • Opened message

  • Received message

  • Viewed page

  • Opted in

  • Opted out

  • Message sent

  • Marked message as spam

  • Message delivery failed


  • Added product to cart

  • Ordered product

  • Viewed product category

  • Viewed product


  • Applied coupon

  • Canceled order

  • Had order shipped

  • Paid for order

  • Placed order

  • Refunded order

  • Starter checkout

Custom events

  • Custom events

Important note: see below the events you will see based on the ecommerce platform you use:

Using Event Details

To access all event data easily, click on "Event Details" next to the event. Then, use the "Copy to Clipboard" button to copy the information and later paste it into your preferred platform. This feature is especially useful for API customers to verify data accuracy without relying on API logs.

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