Integration with Digioh

Learn how to integrate Digioh with Omnisend to sync your contacts from Digioh

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Digioh is a 3rd party app that provides sign-up forms (including SMS), pop-ups, and a robust email preference center. Link Digioh with Omnisend and your new subscribers will conveniently appear in the Omnisend audience.



Integrate Digioh with Omnisend and pass all the contact information collected by your Digioh Signup forms to Omnisend. Send Welcome emails to all customers collected by Digioh Signup forms through Omnisend. Use collected data to segment your customers and personalize your emails.

Setup process

To integrate Digioh with Omnisend create the API key the following way:

Store settings ➡️ Integrations & API ➡️ API Keys ➡️ Create API Key

Then open your Digioh account and proceed to Integrations tab ➡️ new Integration.

Select needed Omnisend integration out of other options (depends on what data you're planning to collect with Digioh) and insert API key that you've generated in Omnisend. If you have Digioh box already, you can select it as well.

The code to pass contacts to Omnisend will be generated by default and will pass following fields, if your Digioh box will collect them:

  • Email address with opt-in date (for Omnisend (Email) and Omnisend (Email+Phone));

  • Phone number with opt-in date(for Omnisend(Phone) and Omnisend (Email+Phone));

  • First name;

  • Last name;

  • State;

  • City;

  • 'source: digioh' tag

Welcome email for Digioh subscribers

To send emails after customer subscribes via Digioh form, you'll need to create a segment based on tag 'source: digioh'. Save this segment once the rule is added.

Go to Automation tab -> New workflow -> Create custom workflow. In your new workflow select 'Contact enters a segment' trigger and set trigger filter to be 'Segment is Digioh'.

Once the messages that will be sent to Digioh subscribers are ready, click 'Start workflow'.

How to pass custom properties to Omnisend

If you'd like to collect some additional fields or custom properties, you'll need to add them to the code by clicking on 'Advanced' button.

You can find guide how to add additional fields to the code here.

Here's an example on how to add Age custom property to your Digioh form and start passing it to Omnisend. Firstly, add Custom 1 property to your form: Main page -> Form -> Fields -> Custom 1.

Rename this custom property to be CUSTOM 1 and enable it. Edit other fields as you want.

Proceed to Integrations tab and click 'Advanced' button.

Custom properties code block is added by default, so all you need to do is add name of your Omnisend custom property and map Digioh's field to it. In our case, we want to pass 'Age' property to Omnisend and sync values from CUSTOM 1 field in Digioh. That's why we add "age":"[CUSTOM_1]" to "customProperties" block.

That's it! Age property will be passed to Omnisend along with other data.


Is it possible to test the integration before enabling the form on the website? Yes, it's possible. Click 'preview' icon -> preview window will be opened in a new tab -> enter all data and click Subscribe. New contact will be passed to Omnisend.

I'm having trouble setting up the integration, what should I do? You can reach out to Digioh's support team and they'll fix it for you.

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