Customer profile tracking is designed to help you do successful marketing by tracking your audience engagement. With Omnisend you can track what your customers are interested in, what pages and products they view, what they buy or intend to buy and more.

Before you start

Customer Profile tracking feature tracks the activity of users who have already subscribed to your newsletters. It is available for users on all platforms and you can use the feature if you are on Trial, Free, Standard or Pro plan. However, there is a difference in the period of saved Website tracking events, depending on your pricing plan. 

  • Trial and Free plan users → 1 month of feed events;
  • Standard and Pro → 3 months of feed events.

Using Customer Profile

We use snippet to track customer activity which is added differently based on a platform:

  • Automatically added for Shopify
  • Automatically or by user for Bigcommerce
  • Prestashop & Magento by user via modules 
  • API by user using API documentation

You can view customer profiles by going to Subscribers and choosing a specific contact or a contact within a list or a segment. 

In the Actions Tab you will be able to see how many sessions your subscriber had while being on your store:

When you expand the Session view, Omnisend will give an overview of all actions that your customer took. Those could be:

  • Product viewed
  • Category viewed
  • Other page viewed
  • Product added to cart
  • Product removed from cart
  • Checkout started
  • Order placed

Important note, what events you will see is based on the platform you use:

Event data will give you a profile view of your subscriber which you can use for smart marketing. You can then send Browse abandonment emails or Product abandonment to get your customer to come back and make the purchase. You can read more about different automation emails available on Omnisend here.

Moreover, you can have an in-depth analysis of what your customers are most interested in, which products are trending and which do not get enough interest. Analyzing customer behavior with Omnisend can truly help you get more sales!

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