LoyaltyLion is a 3rd party app that helps you create a data-driven loyalty and engagement program for your brand to increase customer retention. 

When you integrate LoyaltyLion with Omnisend, you will be able to engage with your customers via monthly loyalty emails, get new customers from referral emails and increase repeat purchases with reward available emails!



Build a loyalty program using the LoyaltyLion app and sync your customers' loyalty profiles from the LoyaltyLion app in real-time. Send reminders to your customers whenever they hit a specific amount of points that is enough to get some reward. Also, use properties synced from LoyaltyLion to personalize your emails.

Setup process

You can integrate LoyaltyLion with Omnisend in two ways:

Integration flow via Omnisend

1. Click on your brand name in the top right corner -> open Apps tab:

2. Find the LoyaltyLion app and click the 'Connect now' button.

3. Click Authorize Access to begin your integration

4. You will then be directed to LoyaltyLion, Log in and Authorize Omnisend app integration

Once authorized, you will be redirected back to your Omnisend account and get a notification about the successful integration!

Integration flow via LoyaltyLion

1. In your LoyaltyLion account navigate to App store > select Omnisend

2. Click the Install integration button

3. You will then be redirected to the Omnisend app. Sign in and click Authorize access. A success message will inform you that you have successfully connected LoyaltyLion with Omnisend.

How it works

Contacts' custom properties will be created and will start to synchronize from LoyaltyLion to Omnisend in real-time. Note, historical data will not be uploaded. Here are the properties that will be passed along with the new contacts from LoyaltyLion:

  • LoyaltyLion approved points: LoyaltyLion_points_approved

  • LoyaltyLion pending points: LoyaltyLion_points_pending

  • LoyaltyLion spent points: LoyaltyLion_points_spent

  • LoyaltyLion number of rewards claimed: LoyaltyLion_rewards_claimed

  • LoyaltyLion date enrolled in program: LoyaltyLion_enroll_date

  • LoyaltyLion referral URL: LoyaltyLion_referral_url

  • LoyaltyLion loyalty Tier: LoyaltyLion_loyalty_tier

  • LoyaltyLion birthday: LoyaltyLion_birthday

  • LoyaltyLion insights segment: LoyaltyLion_insights_segment

Note! Our Birthday workflow can be triggered by the 'birthday' property only. That's why if you'd like to send birthday emails based on the dates you've collected using LoyaltyLion, you'll need to export the contacts that have the 'LoyaltyLion_birthday' custom property and import this file mapping this custom property to the default Omnisend's 'birthday' property. You can find a guide on how to map data in this article.


  • You can send emails using LoyaltyLion points available to communicate to customers who are close to their next reward and encourage them to complete an activity.

  • Send an email using the LoyaltyLion referral URL to encourage referrals thereby increasing your customer acquisition.

  • Target customer groups based on their loyalty information e.g. loyalty program members vs non-members.

  • Send an email to improve customer engagement - segment customers using loyalty insights: most loyal customers, the ones at risk, and the ones that need winning back.

  • Personalize emails by including loyalty information, such as approved points, total points, post-purchase emails, etc.

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