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Exporting Contacts to File

Learn how to export your contacts to a file

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To transfer the information collected in Omnisend, you may export your contacts list to the file. In this article, we will walk you through the process and provide some insights into the data available for export.

Exporting your contacts

There are four ways to export your contacts:

  • Use the Create New export option available in the Audience tab to export all contacts;

  • Use the Export option in the Saved Segments tab to export contacts from a particular Segment;

  • Use the Export option in the Tags tab to export all contacts having a tag;

  • Use the Export option in the customer profile to export detailed reporting for a single customer.

New export

To export your contacts, proceed to the Audience Export page → click on the New Export button.

Then, you will see a menu listing different options for your contacts Export. Here, it would help if you chose the statuses exported contacts should have: All contacts; Subscribed to email; Non-subscribed to email; Unsubscribed from email.

After that, the file for export will be created. Please find it in the Export tab and click on the Download button.

Saved segments and Tags

You can also export contacts belonging to a Segment or those with a particular tag. Both options are pretty similar. You need to proceed to the AudienceSegments or Tags → find the relevant segment or tag and click Export

As soon as your export is finished, you will find it in the Exports tab. Click Download and save it to your device. The exported file will find information related to the channel's subscription statuses.

Export from the customer profile

To export the information about a single contact, go to the Audience tab → find the contact → click on its profile to open → click on the Export button.

This option allows you to export a detailed report about your contacts but is suitable only if you need to export the data for several contacts. The Export process may take up to 10 minutes per contact.

Exported file

The exported file will have a .csv format. So make sure to convert it to .xlsx before opening it in Excel.

See the short overview of the exported file:

Exported data includes:

Date added                              Country code
First name State
Last name Address
Email Zip code
Email subscription status Date of birth
Email consent Gender
Phone number Tags (single column)
SMS subscription status Segments (single column)
SMS consent Email opt-in date
Browser push notifications status Email opt-out date
City Custom properties (multiple columns)

💡 In the file, all tags and Segments are recorded to a single field and separated with commas. If you wish to split them into different rows, check this instruction.

If you wish to re-import your contacts, follow the instructions in Importing Contacts from File or Other Services article.

Have any additional questions? Feel free to contact our Support Team via chat or at [email protected].

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